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Applied Business

A $25 per semester student computing facility user fee will be assessed for any ABUS or CIOS course of 2 credits or more at the 100-level of higher.

ABUS 051 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Bookkeeping For Business (3+0)
Basic concepts and procedures of practical bookkeeping. Recording and reporting financial data for service and merchandising business. Covers businesses owned by one individual only (sole proprietorships.)

ABUS 070 (1 Credit) Fall, Spring
Job Readiness Skills (1+0)
Pre-employment and human relation skills necessary for job success, including how to identify career choices and employment opportunities; how to prepare a resume, job applications, cover and follow-up letters; and how to develop human relation skills. The student will select, prepare and be interviewed for jobs which match his/her skills identified through a self-assessment inventory. Offered at Northwest Campus.

ABUS 120 (1 - 3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Basics of Investing (1 - 3+0)
Personal financial planning, goal setting, and investing. Stocks, bonds, trusts, securities, options, real estate and other investment vehicles. Inflation, taxes, interest rates, retirement, and selecting financial planners. Also available via Independent Learning.

ABUS 130 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Real Estate (3+0)
Broad social and economic impact of real estate. Buying, selling, leasing, and investing in residential and investment real estate. Contracts, deeds, mortgages, leases, title insurance, sales, brokerage and other related subjects. Fundamental preparation for the Real Estate licensing examination.

ABUS 135 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Record keeping for Business (3+0)
Skills in keeping business records and banking procedures as a cashier, sales clerk, purchasing agent or payroll clerk.

ABUS 141 (1-3 Credits) Fall
Payroll Accounting (1-3+0)
Payroll records and laws. Methods to compile and calculate payroll information, earnings, deductions, net wages. City, state and federal tax report forms. For payroll personnel.

ABUS 142 (1-3 Credits) Fall, Spring
Office Accounting I (1-3+0)
Basic accounting procedures in retail, service, and trade businesses. The complete accounting cycle including record keeping, posting and preparation of financial statements, bank reconciliation, payroll computations and closing books. Accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, credit and other accounting requirements.

ABUS 143 (2 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Office Accounting II (2+0)
Financial activities of partnerships and corporations with emphasis on accrual basis of accounting. Notes payable, notes receivable, interest transactions, bad debts, partnership equity accounting, corporate stock transactions, corporate earnings, capital transactions, bonds, long term liabilities and investments.

ABUS 150 (1 Credit) As Demand Warrants
Time Management (1+0)
Proven techniques and tools for gaining control over events that shape our lives. Topics include desk control, handling interruptions, meetings and other time robbers including procrastination. Franklin Day Planner System must be purchased from UAF bookstore prior to first class meeting.

ABUS 151 (1 - 3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Village Based Entrepreneurship (1 - 3+0)
Technical and personal requirements for establishing and maintaining a
small business in a rural village; advantages and disadvantages of operating a small business in a rural village. May be offered in three, one credit modules
(a, b and c).

ABUS 154 (3 Credit) Fall, Spring
Human Relations (3+0)
Attitudes, self-concepts, personal communication styles, motivation, interactions, positive reinforcements, team building and leadership development.

ABUS 155 (1-3 Credits) Fall, Spring
Business Math (1-3+0)
Review of basic math computation skills applied to various business areas. Emphasis on applications.

ABUS 158 (1 - 3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Introduction to Tourism (1 - 3+0)
Forces which influence international and domestic hospitality, leisure, travel and recreation industries. Socioeconomic models and measure of regional impact, demand and supply.

ABUS 160 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Principles of Banking (3+0)
Banking in today's economy. Language and documents of banking, check processing, teller functions, deposits, credit and payment functions, loans, investments, trust, the Federal Reserve System and other regulatory agencies.

ABUS 179 (3 Credits) Spring
Fundamentals of Supervision (3+0)
Effective supervisory concepts including planning, organizing, and staffing functions. Communicating and delegating effectively, morale, productivity, decision making, position discipline and performance goals development.

ABUS 188 (1 Credit) Fall
Personal Income Tax (1+0)
Taxable income, deductions, credit, exemptions, and computation. Computer use, record keeping methods, tax forms and new tax laws.

ABUS 211 (2 Credits) Fall
Tax for Business Entities (2+0)
Business tax reports. Tax planning and strategies to reduce the tax bill, payroll tax reports and depository requirements, methods of compensation, acquiring and disposing of business assets, and planning for corporate reorganization or liquidation. New tax laws.

ABUS 221 (3 Credits) Fall, Spring
Micro Computer Accounting (3+0)
Computer processing of accounting transactions. Software packages, microcomputer systems and hardware, computer terminology, system analysis and actual computer operations in accounting. (Prerequisites: ACCT 161 and ABUS 142.)

ABUS 223 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Real Estate Law (3+0)
Deeds and conveyances, mortgages, liens, rentals, appraisals, and other transactions in real estate and law. Also available via Independent Learning.

ABUS 230 (3 Credits) Spring
Applied Intermediate Accounting (3+0)
Review of accounting principles with emphasis on working capital, plant assets, intangible assets and financial statement presentation. Current accounting pronouncements.

ABUS 231 (1 - 3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Introduction to Personnel (1 - 3+0)
Company organizational structure, job analysis, staffing and organization, employee growth and development, employee supervision and developing leadership skills. May be offered in three one credit modules.

ABUS 232 (3 Credits) Fall
Contemporary Management Issues (3+0)
Management functions including planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling, human aspects of management, and decision making. (Prerequisite: BA 151 or instructor permission.)

ABUS 233 (3 Credits) Spring
Financial Management (3+0)
Corporate financial planning and control, asset management, capital budgeting, financial markets and instruments. (Prerequisite: BA 151, ACCT 101 or 161.)

ABUS 241 (3 Credits) Fall
Applied Business Law I (3+0)
Legal aspects of business problems. Principles, institutions and administration of law in contracts, agency, employment, personal sales and property ownership. Also available via Independent Learning. (Prerequisite: BA 151.)

ABUS 243 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Applied Cost Accounting (3+0)
Principles and applications for manufacturing and non-manufacturing firms. Job order and process costing with analysis of material and labor costs, overhead, inventory controls, production flow, and work in progress. Budgeting and decision making using cost accounting methods. (Prerequisite: ACCT 101 or 161 and ACCT 102 or 262 or ABUS 142 and ABUS 143.)

ABUS 250 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Introduction to Managerial Accounting (3+0)
Use of accounting information for managerial decisions, planning and control. Accounting process, responsibility in accounting, performance measurement, capital budgeting and analysis of financial reports. (Prerequisites: ACCT 101 or 161, 102 or 262.)

ABUS 253 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Principles of Retailing (3+0)
Current retail practices and technologies. Merchandising, store operation, computerized inventory control and electronic cash registers, finance and credit, personnel, sales promotions and selling. Preparation for a career in a retailing or service business.

ABUS 254 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Salesmanship (3+0)
Explores salesmanship as a skill individuals use in selling themselves and their ideas as well as products and services. Personal selling, buyer behavior and communication, creative selling process, sales management, and time-use management. For persons with and without sales experience.

ABUS 255 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Marketing in Tourism (3+0)
Basic principles of marketing for the tourism industry. Emphasis on Alaska as the tourist destination. (Prerequisite: BA 371.)

ABUS 256 (1 - 3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Small Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, and Lodge Operations (1 - 3+0)
Introduction to hospitality industry focusing on the development and operation of small hotels, bed and breakfast accommodations, and lodge operations. May be offered in three one credit modules.

ABUS 260 (3 Credits) Fall, Spring
Marketing Practices (3+0)
Designed to give students a real-world view of basic marketing principles and practices. Emphasizes planning strategy and application of marketing concepts in analysis of case studies. Examines nature of marketing and its environment, selecting target markets, and developing a market mix: product price, promotion and distribution.

ABUS 261 (3 Credits) Spring
Analyzing Financial Statements (3+0)
Statement analysis, accounting data, cash flow management ratios, comparative statements, forecasting, liquidity, solvency and capital structure related to financial conditions and performance of modern business enterprise.

ABUS 267 (1 - 3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Transportation and Logistics Management (1 - 3+0)
Understanding of issues and challenges concerning structure and management of air, sea, rail and highway transportation systems. Emphasis on effective management of the transporting of people and goods intra-Alaska and to destinations that are served from Alaska. (Prerequisite: ABUS 158 or permission of instructor.)

ABUS 268 (1 - 3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Rural Tourism: Planning and Principles (3+0)
(Cross-listed with RD 268)
Introduction to rural tourism planning and principles. Students examine rural tourism attractions and trends, tourism planning and policy formation, quality standards, and cultural and environmental impacts of tourism.

ABUS 269 (1 - 3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Food and Beverage Management (3+0)
Development of a successful food and beverage system from its inception to operation. Menu planning, purchasing, preparation, service and food/beverage cost control. (Prerequisite: ABUS 158 or permission or instructor.)

ABUS 272 (3 Credits) Spring
Small Business Planning (3+0)
Small business planning process elements including the components of a written business plan.

ABUS 273 (3 Credits) Spring
Managing A Small Business (3+0)
Entrepreneurship and management, starting a new business, buying an existing business or franchise. Managing, marketing, staffing, financing, budgeting, pricing, operational analysis and controls.

ABUS 199, 299 (1 - 3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Practicum in Applied Business
Supervised training and work experience. Analysis of work experience and relationship of the job to career and academic goals. Managerial concepts, problems of working with groups and individuals, organizational structures, communications and planning. (Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.)