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Military Science

College of Liberal Arts
Department of Military Science
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Minor only

The Army Reserve Officers' Training Program is a cooperative effort agreed to by the Army and UAF as a means of providing junior officer leadership in the interest of national security. The goal of the program is to assist young men and women with leadership potential in obtaining commissions in the Army Reserve, National Guard or Regular Army.

The program of instruction is designed to complement the student's goal of obtaining a bachelor's degree in a course of study of his/her own choosing. Through academic instruction and practical experience laboratories, the student becomes familiar with the leadership, management and decision-making qualities necessary for the Army officer and civilian executive.

ROTC is divided into the basic course for freshmen and sophomores and the advanced course for juniors and seniors. Programs and courses can be adjusted to meet specific needs of individual students who desire to enroll but are past their freshman year. Military science courses are open to all students regardless of whether or not they intend to seek an Army commission.

Basic Course -- All UAF students are eligible to enroll. There is no military obligation incurred by enrolling in any of the basic courses.

Advanced Course -- Those students who successfully complete the basic course and desire to pursue the program for a commission, may apply for enrollment in the advanced course. Students with prior military service may also apply for immediate enrollment as an advanced course student. Applicants must be physically qualified and be selected by the professor of military science. The criterion for selection is based on both academic proficiency and leadership potential. Those students selected who desire to compete for a commission are provided a $150-per-month subsistence allowance. They also incur a military obligation. Students who wish to enroll in advanced course classes, but do not desire to earn a commission, may do so with the approval of the department head. The obligation and subsistence allowance will be waived for those students.

Academic Credit -- A maximum of 23 credits in military science courses may be used as elective credit toward fulfillment of baccalaureate degree requirements.

MINOR in Military Science -- Military science is an approved minor for the bachelor of arts degree. The requirements for the minor are the satisfactory completion of 19 credits in military science as approved by the department.

Financial Aid -- Advanced course students receive a monthly subsistence allowance during the school year which presently amounts to approximately $2,000 for the two-year period. This allowance is tax free.

Uniforms and Equipment -- Students enrolled in military science are furnished uniforms and texts by the department.

Awards -- Awards are made annually at the UAF awards ceremony. Awards, such as the governor's and chancellor's medals, are presented for outstanding achievement in the ROTC program, academic achievement, and leadership.

ROTC Rifle Team -- Competition is scheduled with civilian and military teams in the state. Postal matches with other schools are fired throughout the year. All necessary equipment is furnished by the Department of Military Science at no cost to the student.

Two-Year Program -- A special Basic Camp program is available for transfer students and others who were unable to take ROTC prior to their last two years in school. This program allows immediate acceleration into the advanced course. Students should consult the PMS prior to 1 June annually for information concerning the camp.

Scholarships -- Army ROTC scholarships pay $3,000 to $12,000 for tuition, lab fees, and provide a book allowance in addition to the $150 monthly stipend. Scholarships are awarded for two or three years on a competitive basis. Interested students should contact the military science department for further details.