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College of Science, Engineering and Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
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Degrees: B.A., B.S., M.A.T., M.S., Ph.D.

Minimum Requirements for Degrees: B.A.: 120 credits; B.S.: 120 credits; M.A.T.: 36 additional credits; M.S.: 30-35 additional credits.

The number of new fields in which professional mathematicians find employment grows continually. Several programs are offered by the Department of Mathematical Sciences for students majoring in mathematics, computer science, or statistics. (See the separate listing elsewhere in this catalog for information concerning the Department of Mathematical Sciences programs in Computer Science and Statistics.) Options exist for those who are planning careers in industry, government, or education. The Department of Mathematical Sciences also offers degree programs in statistics and computer science which are described elsewhere in this catalog.

In addition to the major programs, the department provides a number of service courses in support of other programs within the university. Current and detailed information on mathematics degrees and course offerings is available from the department.

The Department of Mathematical Sciences maintains a math lab which is available for assistance to all students studying mathematics at the baccalaureate level.

Admission to any graduate program within the Department of Mathematical Sciences requires the GRE general and subject exam. For teaching assistantship consideration, foreign applicants whose native language is not English must submit a TOEFL score of at least 600, and the department is currently giving preference to those applicants who also submit results of the Test of Spoken English (TSE.).

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

All students planning to major in one of the mathematical sciences must be ready to matriculate into MATH 200, Calculus I, before they will be allowed to declare mathematics as their major.

In addition to meeting all the general requirements for the specific degree, certain mathematics courses are required of all mathematics majors. (At least 12 approved mathematics credits at the 300 level or above must betaken while in residence on the Fairbanks campus.) All electives must be approved by the department. (All mathematics majors -- including double majors -- must have an advisor from the Department of Mathematical Sciences.) Students preparing to teach mathematics in secondary schools should contact the Department of Education for a list of mathematics and education courses necessary to obtain an Alaskan teaching certificate.

Mathematics -- B.A. or B.S. Degree

  1. Complete the general university requirements and requirements for a B.A. or B.S. degree. A portion of the science requirement for the B.S. should be met with a one year physics sequence, PHYS 103X-104X or PHYS 211X-212X.
  2. Complete the following program (major) requirements:
    Complete the following courses:
    MATH 200X, 201X, 202X -- Calculus sequence (12 credits)
    MATH 215 -- Intro. to Mathematical Proofs (2 credits)
    MATH 314 -- Linear Algebra (3 credits)
    MATH 308 -- Abstract Algebra (3 credits)
    MATH 401 -- Advanced Calculus (3 credits)
    MATH 490 -- Senior Seminar (1 credit)
    Total (24 credits)
    Complete an elective package in the Mathematical Sciences consisting of at least 21 credits. This package must be approved by a Mathematical Sciences advisor and must include at least 12 credits at the 300-level or above. Students who are obtaining a single B.S. or B.A. with mathematics as a second major may substitute up to 9 credits of approved courses with strong mathematical content for Mathematical Sciences electives.
  3. Minimum credits required (120 credits)
    The following sample elective packages are suggested for students with interests in the indicated areas of emphasis.
    1. Pure Math
      MATH 305 -- Geometry (3 credits)
      MATH 307 -- Discrete Mathematical Structures (3 credits)
      MATH 402 -- Advanced Calculus (3 credits)
      MATH 404 -- Topology (3 credits)
      Approved electives (9 credits)
      Total (21 credits)
    2. Applied Math
      MATH 302 -- Differential Equations (3 credits)
      MATH 421 -- Applied Analysis I (4 credits)
      MATH 422 -- Applied Analysis II (4 credits)
      MATH 460 -- Mathematical Modeling (3 credits)
      Two courses chosen from MATH 307, 402, 310 and STAT 300 (6 credits)
      Approved electives (3 credits)
      Total (23 credits)
    3. Secondary Education
      STAT 300 -- Statistics (3 credits)
      MATH 305 -- Geometry (3 credits)
      CS 201 -- Computer Programming I (3 credits)
      MATH 306 -- History and Philosophy of Mathematics (3 credits)
      Approved electives (9 credits)
      Total (21 credits)
    4. Statistics Emphasis
      MATH 371 -- Probability (3 credits)
      MATH 408 -- Mathematical Statistics (3 credits)
      MATH 460 -- Mathematical Modeling (3 credits)
      STAT 300 -- Statistics (3 credits)
      STAT 401 -- Regression and Analysis of Variance (3 credits)
      Approved electives (6 credits)
  • Total (21 credits)

MINOR in Mathematics:

A minor in Mathematics requires completion of Math 200X-201X-202X, in addition to nine departmentally approved credits. These courses can be used to simultaneously satisfy other major or general distribution requirements.

Graduate Degree Requirements

Mathematics -- M.S. Degree

The M.S. in mathematics is designed to give capable students the preparation necessary for Ph.D. level work, in addition to providing a terminal degree for those planning to enter industry or education. The M.A.T. degree provides for teaching secondary school mathematics. The aim of the doctoral program is to provide the student with the expertise to accomplish significant research in applied or pure mathematics, as well as to provide a broad and deep professional education.

Degree Requirements

  1. Complete UAF degree requirements.
  2. Upon completion of core coursework, the candidate must pass a comprehensive examination based on the core material.
  3. Course Requirements (30-35 credits)
    Complete a curriculum of 30-35 credits of mathematics courses consisting of a core, electives, and a project or a thesis. At least 24 credits, including thesis and/or research must be at the 600 level.

Mathematics -- M.A.T. Degree

Degree Requirements

  1. Complete UAF degree requirements.
  2. Course Requirements (36 credits):
    Complete 36 credits in courses approved by the student's graduate committee, including at least 18 credits in mathematics. At least 24 credits (12 credits in mathematics), including thesis and/or research, must be at the 600 level.

Mathematics -- Ph.D. Degree

Degree Requirements

  1. Complete UAF degree requirements.
  2. Complete the required program as arranged by conference with the candidate's graduate advisory committee.