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Library Science

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The field of library and information science engages students in professional positions concerned with the management of information in libraries and other environments. One graduate program states that the "contemporary librarian has become an essential part of the complex communication/information network that now encircles the globe. Today's information professional must understand how information is created and disseminated in society; must be familiar with print, non-print and electronic media; and must be adept in the use of computers, automated techniques, and information networks."

For a professional career in library science, a one-to-two year program of graduate study is generally required. Coursework in the graduate program may include a broad spectrum of areas. These are: planning and evaluation related to acquiring, organizing and accessing information in library settings; management tools and design as well as provision of information services. Special emphasis on topics such as law or medicine may also be available with some programs.

The caliber of one's undergraduate work, as well as test results on the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), are of very important when applying for admission to a program of professional library studies. Library Schools prepare professionals from a variety of academic backgrounds.

At UAF, pre-library science students pursue an extensive general background in their education. Students are advised to also include courses in computer applications and programming, statistics and foreign languages so as to satisfy the demands of the library science field and the admission requirements of the prospective graduate programs. As the number of special libraries increases, concentration in the social and physical sciences is equally important.

Advisement for students interested in a career in library science is available through the Academic Advising Center.