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Human Services

College of Liberal Arts
Department of Behavioral Sciences and Human Services
(907) 474-7240

Degree: B.A.

At the present time, no students are being accepted into the Human Services program.

Minimum Requirements for Degree: B.A.: 121 credits

The B.A. in human services was developed in response to a need for a program at the bachelor's level which prepares students to function as counselors and social service workers in rural areas. Agencies seeking middle-level, baccalaureate professionals will provide career placements. Students in this program gain knowledge about various agencies in the state that address social service needs and are trained in generic skills such as agency administration, counseling, and the usual content areas which are customarily addressed by such agencies (e.g., alcoholism and drug abuse, child and youth care, and health problems). Students will become familiar with cross-cultural issues that influence human service needs and are taught to integrate that knowledge with human service planning, delivery and evaluation of services.

The human services program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks is interdisciplinary in its approach, cross-cultural in its content and rural in its orientation. The program is offered at the Fairbanks, Chukchi and Northwest campuses.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Human Services -- B.A. Degree

  1. Complete the general university requirements and B.A. degree requirements.
  2. Complete the following integrated major-minor requirements:
    Behavioral sciences core (24 credits)
    HMSV 201 -- Introduction to Human Services (3 credits)
    PSY/SOC 250 -- Introductory Statistics for Behavioral Sciences (3 credits)
    SOC 301 -- Rural Sociology (3 credits)
    PSY/SOC 473 -- Social Science Research Methods (3 credits)
    PSY 310 -- Cross-Cultural Psychology (3 credits)
    PSY 345 -- Abnormal Psychology
         or SOC 335 -- Sociology of Deviant Behavior (3 credits)
    SOC 408 -- American Minority Groups (3 credits)
    PSY 101 -- Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)
    Departmental core (15 credits)
    (These courses also may be applied to fill general distribution requirements.)
    SOC 101 -- Introduction to Sociology (3 credits)
    PSY 240 -- Lifespan Developmental Psychology (3 credits)
    PSY 304 -- Personality (3 credits)
    PSY 380 -- Human Behavior in the Arctic (3 credits)
    ANTH 242 -- Native Cultures of Alaska (3 credits)
    Human Services (18)
    Select 18 credits from the following:
    HMSV 210 -- Crisis Intervention (3 credits)
    HMSV 255 -- Foundations of Counseling I (3 credits)
    HMSV 356 -- Foundations of Counseling II (3 credits)
    HMSV 230 -- Alcoholism: Theories of Etiology (3 credits)
    HMSV 330 -- Alcoholism: Treatment and Prevention (3 credits)
    HMSV 360 -- The Helping Role in Child Abuse and
    Neglect (3 credits)
    HMSV 410 -- Management of Human Services Programs (3 credits)
    HMSV 415 -- Group Counseling (3 credits)
    HMSV 488 -- Practicum in Human Services (6 credits)
    *HMSV/PSY 445 -- Community Psychology (3 credits)
    *PSY/SOC 370 -- Drugs and Drug Dependence (3 credits)
    *SOC 310 -- Sociology of Later Life (3 credits)
    *SOC 242 -- The Family: A Cross-Cultural Perspective (3 credits)
    RD 325 -- Community Organization and Development
    Strategies (3 credits)
    Minimum Credits Required for Degree (121 credits)

* These courses, when not applied towards the major, may be applied to fill distribution requirements.

MINOR in Human Services:

A minor in human services requires the satisfactory completion of 15 credits of approved human services courses including HMSV 201 and 210.