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School of Agriculture and Land Resources Management
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UAF offers the only accredited four-year forestry program in Alaska, through the School of Agriculture and Land Resources Management's (SALRM) Natural Resources Management/Forestry degree program. The goals of UAF's forestry program are (1) to produce graduates who are highly competitive in obtaining professional employment, who have the knowledge to perform well on the job and who are valued for work in Alaska and the circumpolar North; (2) to maintain close student interaction with faculty and provide opportunity for students to obtain practical professional experience as part of their education; and (3) to prepare students for lifelong learning and responsible participation in decision making about the use of natural resources. The university provides students with a foundation in the biological, social and physical sciences and a blend of classroom, laboratory, and field work to develop skills for a career in forestry. The Forestry program leads to the student's first professional degree in forestry, the Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources Management/Forestry, and is accredited by the Society of American Foresters (SAF). SAF is recognized by the Commission on Recognition of Postsecondary Accreditation, and its successor organization, as the specialized accrediting agency for the forestry in the United States.

For students interested in pursuing a forestry degree outside of Alaska, UAF's SALRM also offers a pre-forestry program. This pre-forestry program introduces students to land resources management and provides lower level courses common to most forestry curricula. Students complete the first two years at UAF and then can transfer to a forestry school elsewhere. Students electing this path should consult their faculty advisor at UAF before registering for classes. This will ensure a schedule that provides for expeditious transfer of credit to the desired institution.

Students who are considering forestry as a career choice should contact the student affairs coordinator within the School of Agriculture and Land Resources Management at (907) 474-5276.