1997-98 UAF Catalog

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Atmospheric Sciences

College of Science, Engineering and Mathematics
Department of Physics
(907) 474-7339

Degrees: M.S., Ph.D.

Minimum Requirements for Degree: M.S., 30 additional credits; Ph.D.: no fixed credits.

Graduate Degree Requirements

Atmospheric Sciences -- M.S. Degree

Thesis Option (30 Credits)

Degree Requirements

  1. Complete UAF degree requirements.
  2. Write a research-based thesis and pass an oral defense of thesis.
    Course Requirements (30 credits):
    Complete a minimum of 30 credits of approved courses, including PHYS 699, thesis. At least 24 credits, including thesis and/or research, must be at the 600 level.
    Basic courses in atmospheric sciences (min. 12 credits) (12 credits)
    ATM 636 -- Physics of the Lower Atmosphere
    PHYS 645 -- Fundamentals of Geophysical Fluid Dynamics
    ATM 646 -- Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Ocean
    ATM 656 -- Atmospheric Circulation, Weather, and Climate
    Additional approved 600-level courses (min. 12 credits) (12 credits)
    Thesis (min. 6 credits)
    ATM 699 -- Thesis (6-12 credits)

NOTE: For specialization in ice and snow studies, with emphasis on ice physics, ice in climate, or ice in science applications, see Geology and Geophysics Department, M.S. in Geophysics (Ice and Permafrost Option) in this catalog. For specialization in atmospheric chemistry, see Research -- Interdisciplinary Graduate Research Training in this catalog, and contact the Chemistry Department for more information.

Non-Thesis Option (33 Credits)

Degree requirements

  1. Complete UAF degree requirements.
  2. Write a research-based paper (see below)
    Course requirements
    Complete at least 33 credits, of which at least 30 credits must be regular coursework, with 24 of these (including the basic course requirements) at the 600 level. A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 credits may be devoted to research (PHYS 698). The student must complete a research paper in a style which the advisory committee judges to be of publishable quality.
    Basic courses (see thesis option (12 credits)
    Additional approved courses (18 credits)
    PHYS 698 -- Research 3-6

Atmospheric Sciences -- Ph.D. Degree

Degree Requirements

  1. Complete UAF degree requirements.
  2. Pass a written and an oral comprehensive examination.
  3. Demonstrate competency in a foreign language or a research tool.
  4. Complete the required program as arranged by conference with the graduate advisory committee and in accordance with the Physics Department manual of Policies and Procedures for graduate students.

(See also "Space Physics.")