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Associate of Arts

College of Rural Alaska
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Degree: A.A.

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 60 credits

The associate of arts degree offers a rigorous program of study for the serious student who eventually intends to transfer to a baccalaureate program.

Undergraduate Degree Requirements

All credit for the A.A. degree must be at the 100-level or above with 20 credits at the 200-level or above, and be distributed as follows:

  • Communication (9 credits)
    ENGL 111X -- Methods of Written Communication (3 credits)
    ENGL 211X -- Intermediate Exposition with Modes of Literature
         or *ENGL 212 -- Business, Grant and Report Writing
         or ENGL 213X -- Intermediate Exposition (3 credits)
    COMM 131X -- Fundamentals of Oral Communication: Small Group Emphasis
         or COMM 141X -- Fundamentals of Oral Communication: Public Speaking (3 credits)
  • Mathematics or Natural Science (10 credits)
    **MATH 107 -- Functions of Calculus &

    or MATH 131X -- Concepts and Contemporary Applications of Mathematics (3 credits)
         OR MATH 262, 200, 201, 202, 272 or any math course having one of these as a prerequisite
    One natural science course, with lab, selected from the baccalaureate core (4 credits)
    Mathematics or natural science elective (3 credits)

  • Humanities and Social Science (18 Credits)
    ANTH/SOC 100X -- Individual, Society and Culture (3 credits)
    ECON/PS 100X -- Political Economy (3 credits)
    HIST 100X -- Modern World History (3 credits)
    ART/MUS/THR 200X -- Aesthetic Appreciation: Interrelationship of Art, Drama and Music
    o     or HUM 201X (3 credits)
    ENGL/FL 200X -- World Literatures (3 credits)
    Humanities or social science elective (3 credits)
    Two semester-length courses in a single Alaska Native language or other non-English language or three semester-length courses (9 credits) in American Sign Language taken at the university level may substitute for one of the required courses above and the three-credit humanities or social science elective.
  • Library and Information Skills (0-1 Credit)
    Successful completion of library skills competency test or LS 100X or LS 101X substitute for (0-1 credit)
    (It is strongly recommended that this requirement be completed before enrolling in the 200-level English course requirement or that it be completed concurrently with enrollment in the 200-level English course requirement.)
  • General Electives (22-23 Credits)
    Any combination of courses.
    (Students planning to go on to the baccalaureate degree are advised to select courses meeting remaining core requirements and courses designated within baccalaureate majors and minors.)
    Electives to total (60 credits)

* ENGL 212 does not fulfill the second half of the written communication requirement for the baccalaureate degree.
**MATH 161 -- Algebra for Business and Economics will not be an equivalent course for MATH 107X in meeting core requirements.