1997-98 UAF Catalog

Course Descriptions

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Trades and Technology

TTCH 101 (2 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Machine Woodworking I (2+0)
Introduction to woodworking power machines (circular saw, jointer, radial arm saw), joints, fasteners, and different stains and finishes used on wood.

TTCH 105 (1 Credit) As Demand Warrants
Basic Electrical Wiring (1+0)
Familiarizes the student with fundamental skills and career opportunities in electrical wiring.

TTCH 106 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Residential Electrical Systems (3+0)
Provides basic electrical theory and technical skills for installation and service of electrical equipment commonly found in the home.

TTCH 113 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Basic Plumbing (3+0)
Introduction to methods and materials used in household plumbing. Topics includes pipe fittings and valves, pipe hangers and brackets, copper and plastic pipe fitting and plumbing fixtures.

TTCH 117A (1 Credit) As Demand Warrants
Four-Cycle Engine Repair (1+0)
Covers four-cycle engine theory and principles of operation. Classroom activities include step-by-step disassembly, inspection and assembly of a four-cycle engine.

TTCH 117B (1 Credit) As Demand Warrants
Two-Cycle Engine Repair (1+0)
Covers two-cycle engine theory and principles of operation. Classroom activities include step-by-step disassembly, inspection and assembly as well as familiarization with tools used in small engine repair.

TTCH 120 (4 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (4+0)
Introduces fundamentals of refrigeration and air conditioning theory for preparation of further study. Topics include compressors, condensers, evaporators, metering devices and related components. Assumes no previous knowledge on part of student.

TTCH 130 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Blueprint and Schematic Reading (3+0)
Basic blueprint and schematic reading skills used by building maintenance personnel. Introduction to machine drawings, building drawings, hydraulic and pneumatic drawings, electrical schematics and symbols, air conditioning and refrigeration drawings, welding and joining symbols.

TTCH 131 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Maintenance Mathematics (3+0)
Practical application of mathematics for industry, including arithmetic review, ratios and proportion, powers and roots, algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Mathematical applications of basic physics with reference to units of measurement, use of precision measuring tools, measurement of forces, temperature, fluids and electricity.

TTCH 132 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Building Maintenance Materials (3+0)
Basic properties, processes and uses of metals and non-metals in tools, machines and building materials. Practical application to building maintenance situations will be emphasized.

TTCH 133 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Basic Hand and Power Tools (3+0)
Uses, care and maintenance of hand and power tools. Familiarity and skill development with these tools through construction of shop projects.

TTCH 134 (1 Credit) As Demand Warrants
Maintenance Safety (1+0)
Industrial safety including recognizing safety hazards, working safely, handling materials safely, using machinery safely, personal protective equipment, electrical safety, fire protection and government safety regulations.

TTCH 135 (1 Credit) As Demand Warrants
Basic Maintenance Troubleshooting (1+0)
Systematic approaches to troubleshooting, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of plant equipment and systems.

TTCH 146 (2 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Furnace Repair (2+0)
Theory of operation, maintenance and repair of oil burning furnaces, both forced air and radiant. Routine maintenance and upkeep of a furnace and troubleshooting procedures for emergency servicing for the homeowner.

TTCH 147 (1 Credit) As Demand Warrants
Burner Maintenance and Repair (1+2)
Instruction in troubleshooting 10 common problems, reading manuals, changing parts, setting electrodes, changing nozzles, understanding controls and ordering replacement parts.

TTCH 214 (3 Credits) As Demand Warrants
Heating Systems Design (3+0)
Comprehensive instruction in installation and systems approach to design of heating systems including installation procedures of current systems, heat loss calculation, heat distribution through hydronic and air systems, and boiler and furnace sizing.

TTCH 300 (1-3 Credits) Fall, Spring
Internship in Technology (0+12)
Supervised practical experience working with private industry, government units or agencies in technologies. Opportunities to apply theories and practical application and to observe procedures and operations of the businesses or agencies. (Prerequisites: Upper division standing and permission of instructor.)

TTCH 301 (3 Credits) Fall
Technology and Society (3+0)
Concepts of social change related to the effects of technology on society and application of the concepts and processes of technology as they evolve from ideas to implementation. Emphasis on the expanded study of the creation, utilization, adaptation of tools, machines, materials, and systems to the solutions of problems and the extension of the human potential. (Prerequisites: Upper division standing and permission of instructor.)

TTCH 485 (1-6 Credits) Fall, Spring
Advanced Technical Experiences: Discipline Area (variable)
Formal technical upgrade training provided by various agencies, manufacturers, businesses, or industries which are evaluated on an individual basis and must support the student's professional objectives. For Bachelor of Technology students only. The National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs used. (Prerequisites: Upper division standing and permission of instructor.)

TTCH 099, 199, 299 1-3 Credits As Demand Warrants
Individual work and development of skills learned in prior courses.