1997-98 UAF Catalog

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Mineral Preparation Engineering

MPR 601 (3 Credits) Fall
Froth Flotation (2+3)
Theory and application of bulk and differential froth flotation to metallic minerals, nonmetallic minerals, and coal. (Admission by arrangement.)

MPR 606 (3 Credits) Alternate Fall
Plant Design (1+6)
Selection and design of equipment for the operation of mineral and coal beneficiation plants for specific custom and milling problems. (Admission by arrangement.)

MPR 611 (3 Credits) Alternate Fall
Hydrometallurgy (3+0)
Study of the theoretical and engineering aspects of the processes to recover metals from different types of ores and/or scraps, in which aqueous solutions play the predominate role. (Prerequisites: MATH 202, CHEM 331 or permission of the instructor.)

MPR 612 (3 Credits) Alternate Fall
Solution Concentration and Purification (3+0)
Study of the physical chemistry of reaction encountered in solution concentration and purification processes. The types of reaction discussed are cementation, solvent extraction, ion exchange and carbon absorption which are studied in terms of solution chemistry, reaction kinetics and mass transfer effects. (Prerequisites: MATH 202, CHEM 331 or permission of the instructor.)

MPR 684 (3 Credits) Spring
Mineral Preparation Research (1+6)
Familiarizes students with the concept of basic research and its needs in the field of mineral beneficiation, including such research subjects as magnetic susceptibility, dielectric constants, and electrical conductivity of minerals; chemical theory and mechanism of bubble contact in flotation, and the effect of ultrasonic vibration in unit processes. (Admission by arrangement.)

MPR 688 (1 Credit) Fall
Graduate Seminar I (1+0)
(Same as MIN 688)
Preparation and presentation of research outlines by graduate students and participation in regularly organized Mineral Engineering department seminars. (Prerequisite: Admission to graduate program.)