1997-98 UAF Catalog

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Mechanics-Diesel/Heavy Equipment

MECN 101 (7 Credits) Spring
Heavy Equipment I
Introduction to suspension systems, wheel bearings, brakes, air systems, clutches, transmissions (auto. and mech.), driveshafts, and differentials. Topics include disassembly, inspection, and assembly of components, use of tools and instruments, use of fixtures, and shop safety. Materials fee: $100.00.

MECN 102 (7 Credits) Spring
Heavy Equipment II
Introduction to electrical and hydraulic systems, and crawler tractor undercarriage final drive and steering clutches. Materials fee: $100.00.

MECN 103 (1 Credit) Fall
Starting and Charging Systems (.5+1)
Ohm's Law, Kirchoff's Laws, starting and charging systems; diagnostic methods and specifications that are standard in the industry. Applications include automobiles to heavy equipment. Materials fee: $20.00.

MECN 104 (1 Credit) Spring
Mobile Equipment Maintenance (.5+1)
Technical, financial and legal aspects of mobile equipment maintenance. Students will work in groups to perform a maintenance operation and create maintenance records on a variety of vehicle types. Materials fee: $20.00.

MECN 105 (1 Credit) Fall
Preventative Maintenance for Winter (.5+1)
All aspects of winterization will be covered from tires to lubrication. Intended not only for the student seeking a certificate or degree in Automotive or Diesel/Heavy Equipment but can be helpful to any motorist. Materials fee: $10.00.

MECN 106 (1 Credit) Spring
Heating and Air Conditioning Systems (.5+1)
Automotive air conditioning and heating systems used by all manufacturers since 1970. Emphasis is on the theory of operations, troubleshooting and proper servicing with respect to international agreement and U.S. Government regulation. Materials fee: $10.00.

MECN 107 (1 Credit) Fall
Hydraulic Brake Systems (.5+1)
Diagnose and repair of hydraulic braking systems on both light duty and heavy duty vehicles; disc brakes, drum brakes, and power assist systems. Materials fee: $50.00.

MECN 108 (2 Credits) Fall
Suspension and Steering (1+2)
Suspension systems of vehicles ranging from small passenger cars to heavy equipment. Provides information for the preparation to troubleshoot and work with electronic suspension control systems including load leveling and ride control. Materials fee: $20.00.

MECN 109 (2 Credits) Fall
The Auto Repair Business, Shop Operations (2+0)
Business practices common in the auto repair industry including flat rate time, repair orders, simple bookkeeping in addition to in-shop and customer communications.

MECN 112 (1 Credit) As Demand Warrants
Basic Auto Maintenance (1+0)
Covers basic automobile system functions, owner maintenance of electrical, cooling, and fuel systems, auto lubricants and fluids, tires and wheels, tune-ups, and cold weather maintenance and operation. For the person without mechanical experience. Materials fee: $10.00.

MECN 159 (2 Credits) Spring
Manual Transmissions and Clutches (1+2)
Two major areas of automotive maintenance and repair; inspection and replacement of common clutch types; maintenance, inspection and overhaul of automotive manual transmissions.

MECN 201 (2 Credits) Spring
Advanced Automobile Equipment Electronics (1+2)
Troubleshooting and repairing a wide range of electronic systems found in both light and heavy equipment including, but not limited to, load moment limiting, motor speed control, electronic control of hydraulic systems and electronic governors for power generation.

MECN 202 (2 Credits) Spring
Principles of Electric Drive Vehicles (1+2)
In-depth study of batteries: design, construction, testing and charging, currents and maintenance. Knowledge applied to DC motors, electronic controls and electronic traction motor controls. The in-shop training discusses environmental impacts of electric drive vehicles.

MECN 203 (2 Credits) Fall
Basic Power Generations (1+2)
Differences and similarities of magnets, electromagnetism, generators, DC motors, AC current and generators, transformers and electrical distribution. Materials fee: $10.00.

MECN 204 (2 Credits) Spring
Basic Alternating Current Electrician Skills (1+2)
Basic residential and commercial electrician skills; current theory and applications; electrical measurement and circuitry. Materials fee: $10.00.

MECN 205 (1 Credit) Fall
Uninterruptable Power Supplies (.5+1)
Residential and commercial power supplies; troubleshooting batteries; electronic components; reading UPS schematics.

MECN 206 (1 Credit) Spring
Emergency Backup Power Generation (.5+1)
Language and fundamentals of electricity; circuitry; conductor types and sizes; writing methods; system requirements of power generation.

MECN 207 (2 Credits) Fall
Power Generation Governors (1+2)
Mechanically and electrically controlled engines with emphasis on what is a governor and what is its function in power generation will be covered in the hands-on diagnostic training. Materials fee: $10.00.

MECN 208 (2 Credits) Spring
Alternative Fuels (1+2)
History of fuels with emphasis on the known alternative fuels: natural gas, methanol, ethanol and propane. A research project is required.

MECN 209 (2 Credits) Fall
Automatic Transmissions (1+2)
A history of transmissions from pre-WWII to current technology. Actual practice in overhauling of a transmission.

MECH 210 (2 Credits) Spring
Hydraulics (1+2)
Course covers theory and application of the basics of hydraulics of various pumps and valves and troubleshooting. Materials fee: $25.00. (Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.)

MECN 235 (4.5 Credits) Spring
Internal Combustion Engines (2.25+4.5)
The history, development and theory of internal combustion engines with emphasis on diagnosis of engine defects and precision measurements. Actual practice in overhauling an engine. Materials fee: $190.00.