1997-98 UAF Catalog

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Library Science

LS 100X (1 Credit) Fall
Library and Information Strategies (1+0)
Principles of information organization and how libraries can provide access to information and scholarly resources. Emphasis on use of a library via distance delivery methods. For students who do not have direct physical access to the Rasmuson Library.

LS 101X (1 Credit) Fall, Spring
Library Information and Research (0+0)
An introductory course which presents library information-finding and research strategies and principles of information organization and retrieval. Printed, electronic and microform resources are covered. This is a lecture-based course.

LS 307 (1 Credit) Spring
Information Sources for Educators (1+0)
(Same as ED 307)
A self-paced study course providing a survey of major library reference sources and computer databases for education/education related majors. Class meets for an introductory session and a computer literature search demonstration; otherwise, the student works at his individual rate and on his own time schedule.

LS 309 (1 Credit) As Demand Warrants
Information Resources (1+0)
Information organization, scholarly communication and research reporting for a specific discipline, including major disciplinary reference sources and bibliographic databases in the disciplines. This course should be taken before or during the semester when the student prepares a term paper for an upper division course. Course may be repeated when there is a change in discipline. (Prerequisite: Junior standing in specific discipline or permission of the instructor. LS 101 recommended.)

LS 389 (3 Credits) Fall
Internet and Electronic Resources (3+0)
(Same as JB 389)
Introduction to the Internet, its access techniques, its resources, and the principles and skills necessary for using electronic resources. Resources will include OPACs, on-line databases, electronic journals, and information content databases. Students will be expected to have basic skills in library research, computer literacy and/or journalism. Materials fee: $25.00. (Prerequisites: LS 100X, LS 101X or permission of instructor.)

LS 482 (3 Credits) Alternate Spring
History of Circumpolar Research (3+0) s
(Same as HIST 482 and NORS 682)
Studies the history of arctic and subarctic sciences through geological, biological and atmospheric sciences and the people through anthropology, ethnography, linguistics and history. Cold regions engineering and technology research in education, government and law covered. The literature and source material on these fields analyzed. (Prerequisite: HIST 110 or 115 or ANTH 242 or BIOL 104 or permission of the instructor. Next offered: 1997-98.)