1997-98 UAF Catalog

Course Descriptions

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JUST 110 (3 Credits) Fall, Spring
Introduction to Justice (3+0) s
Survey of the structure and process of the agencies of criminal justice. Includes introduction to criminology, criminal law, policy, courts, and corrections.

JUST 222 (3 Credits) Fall
Research Methods (3+0) s
Application of social science research methods to solving scientific and nonscientific questions arising in justice or political science. Basic methods include statistical analysis, survey research, and Internet applications. (Prerequisite: JUST 110.)

JUST 251 (3 Credits) Spring
Criminology (3+0) s
The study of the major areas of deviant behavior and its relationship to society, law, and law enforcement, including the theories of crime causation. (Prerequisite: JUST 110.)

JUST 258 (3 Credits) Fall
Juvenile Delinquency (3+0) s
Survey of the structure and process of the juvenile justice system and the major theories of juvenile delinquency. Materials fee: $10.00. (Prerequisite: JUST 110.)

JUST 310 (3 Credits) Alternate Spring
Principles of Corrections (3+0) s
An introduction to adult institutions, community-based programs, and theories of incarceration. Correctional programs are examined. (Prerequisite: JUST 110 and junior standing. Next offered: 1997-98.)

JUST 320 (Variable Credit) Fall, Spring
A research-oriented exercise directed at the resolution of a specific problem within an agency of the criminal justice system. (May be repeated to a maximum of 6 credits. JUST 110 and junior standing.)

JUST 330O/2 (3 Credits) Spring
Law, Justice and Society (3+0) s
Study of moral issues related to the proper reach, extent, and enforcement of the law. (Prerequisites: JUST 110, JUST 222, JUST 251, and junior standing.)

JUST 335W (3 Credits) Spring
Women, Crime and Justice (3+0)
(Same as WMS 335)
Interaction of women with the American justice system focusing on women as victims, offenders and working professionals in justice agencies. Materials fee: $10.00. (Prerequisites: JUST 110 and junior standing.)

JUST 340 (3 Credits ) Fall
Rural Justice in Alaska (3+0) s
Indian justice system including historical development of the Federal/Indian relationship, constitutional basis for federal power over Indians, relationship of tribes in Alaska to the state and federal justice agencies, the effect of urban life on native peoples, the issue of cultural conflict when imposing the western system of justice on native offenders. (Prerequisites: JUST 110 and junior standing.)

JUST 345W (3 Credits) Fall
Police Problems (3+0)
Analysis of the nature of coercive power and the special problems faced by people who assume the responsibility of coercing others; how coercive power affects personality and how personality affects the way different types of people respond to the challenge and responsibilities of using coercive means; conditions that discourage excessive use of coercive means and encourage police officers to develop in morally and politically mature ways. Materials fee: $10.00. (Prerequisites: JUST 110 and junior standing.)

JUST 352 (3 Credits) Fall
Criminal Law (3+0)
A study of elements, purposes, and functions of the substantive criminal law with emphasis upon historical and philosophical concepts. (Prerequisite: JUST 110 and junior standing.)

JUST 354 (3 Credits) Spring
Procedural Law (3+0)
Emphasis upon the legal limitations of the police and the right of the people to be secure from the government under the protections of the Constitution and the Rules of Evidence. (Prerequisite: JUST 110 and junior standing.)

JUST 404 (3 Credits) Spring
Introduction to Legal Research and Writing (3+0)
(Same as PS 404)
Methods of legal research and preparation of legal materials. Introduction to the resources of law libraries and the techniques of presenting issues in legal form. (Prerequisites: PS 101 or JUST 110, PS 303, junior standing, and permission of instructor.)

JUST 452 (3 Credits) Alternate Spring
Comparative Criminal Justice (3+0) s
The study of crime problems, legal systems and the organization and performance of criminal justice agencies (police, courts, corrections, juvenile) in selected countries. (Prerequisites: JUST 110 and junior standing. Next offered: 1998-99.)

JUST 460O/2 (3 Credits) Fall
American Crime Control (3+0) s
Major concepts of the structure and process of criminal justice revisited with emphasis on current issues. (Prerequisite: JUST 110, JUST 222, JUST 251, and senior standing. Restricted to Justice majors only.)

JUST 475 (3-9 Credits) Fall, Spring
Supervised work experience in criminal justice agencies. (Prerequisite: Permission of director of intern program. Note: Department approval required for 9 credits.)

JUST 492 (Variable Credit) Fall, Spring
Various topics of current interest and importance to the justice major will be presented. Topics will be announced prior to each offering. (Prerequisites: JUST 110, junior standing, and permission of instructor.)