1997-98 UAF Catalog

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Atmospheric Science

ATM 636 (3 Credits) Alternate Fall
Physics of Atmospheres (3+0)
Fundamental knowledge of the physics of atmospheres. Laws and concepts of physics are used to provide a quantitative description of physical processes occurring in planetary atmospheres and to investigate their physical behavior. Emphasis placed on Earth's atmosphere. Topics from kinetic theory, thermodynamics, electromagnetic theory, spectroscopy, physical chemistry and astrophysics form background for this introductory graduate course in planetary atmospheres. (Prerequisite: Graduate standing in physical sciences or permission of instructor. )

ATM 644 (3 Credits) Alternate Spring
Weather and Circulation (3+0)
Fundamentals in meteorology and general circulation, including topics of atmospheric dynamics, vertical density stratification, convection, geostrophic wind, vorticity, Rossby waves, cyclone and anticyclone, synoptic meteorology, thunderstorms, monsoon, meteorological measurements, and numerical weather prediction. (Prerequisites: Graduate standing in physical sciences or permission of instructor.)

ATM 646 (3 Credits) Alternate Spring
Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Ocean (3+0)
The response of the atmosphere and ocean to mechanical and thermal forcing, mean circulation and thermal structure, the governing fluid equations and appropriate boundary conditions. Other topics include wave motions, cyclogenesis, frontogenesis, and heat, momentum and energy transport. (Prerequisite: Graduate standing.)

ATM 656 (3 Credits) Alternate Fall
Climate and Climate Change (3+0)
The climate of planet Earth and its changes with time. Radiative fluxes, greenhouse effects, energy budget, hydrological cycle, the atmospheric composition and climatic zones. Physical and chemical reasons for climatic change. (Prerequisite: Graduate standing in physical sciences