1997-98 UAF Catalog

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Accounting and Information Systems

Admittance to 300 and 400 level School of Management courses will be granted only to students with upper division standing. Others will be admitted only with the written permission of the appropriate department head. Students enrolling in School of Management courses are expected to have completed the necessary prerequisites for each course. A $25 per semester student computing facility user fee will be assessed for any student taking one or more School of Management courses (ACCT, AIS, BA and ECON except ECON 100X). This fee is in addition to any lab/material fees.

AIS 101 (3 Credits) Fall, Spring
Information Systems Technology (3+0)
Using and understanding advanced computing software applications. Course develops conceptual and practical knowledge of advanced presentation/communications software, database programs, and operating systems. (Prerequisite: CIOS 110, 130 & 135 or equivalent.)

AIS 310 (3 Credits) Fall, Spring
Introduction to Management Information Systems (3+0)
The role of information technology in organizations and its impact on management and strategic issues. (Prerequisite: AIS 101, upper division standing.)

AIS 312W (3 Credits) Spring
Information Systems Technology (3+0)
Introduction to the hardware and systems software underlying information systems; provides background to understand computer marketing literature and to select among technology alternatives. (Prerequisite: Upper division standing)

AIS 316 (3 Credits) Fall
Accounting Information Systems (3+0)
Accounting systems for business entities in various industries. Internal control for the business, data processing and its relationship to accounting systems. (Prerequisites: ACCT 263, upper division standing.)

AIS 410 (3 Credits) Fall
Systems Analysis and Program Design (3+0)
The system development life cycle for database-oriented information systems in both mainframe and microcomputer environments. Includes programming in one or more fourth generation languages and a term project. (Prerequisites: AIS 310, 312, 316, upper division standing.)

AIS 412W (3 Credits) Spring
Planning, Administration and Control Information Systems (0+6)
Overview of what a manager needs to know to administer an information systems department, including extensive discussions of current trends in management of IS and the IS industry. Materials fee: $10.00 (Prerequisite: AIS 410, upper division standing.)

AIS 414 (3 Credits) Spring
Database Design for Management Information (3+0)
Combines advanced systems analysis using modern techniques of data modelling with study of management and administrative problems in coordination and management of organization data resources; focusing on needs of medium-sized and large organizations. (Prerequisite: AIS 410 or CS 401, upper division standing.)

AIS 473 (3 Credits) Fall
Applied System Design (3+0)
Application of systems analysis and computer skills to build accounting oriented transaction-processing systems. (Prerequisite: ACCT 316 and ACCT 342 or 352, upper division standing.)

AIS 605 (3 Credits) Spring
Management Information Systems (3+0)
The study and application of systems concepts in producing and using information for managerial decision making. Examination of, and exposure to, strategic uses of information technology, computer hardware, and various software applications. Materials fee: $20. (Prerequisite: Graduate standing.)