University of Alaska Fairbanks

1996-1997 catalog


Undergraduate Information

How to Enroll

This section gives the perspective student information about Applying for Admission, the Admission Requirements, Transfer Students, International Students, Academic Bankruptcy for Returning Students, Transfer of Credit and Alternative Ways to Earn Credit.

How to Register

This section covers information on all aspects of registration, including placement tests, registration drop policy, credit/no-credit option, auditing, adding, dropping and withdrawing from classes and other registration changes for the undergraduate student.

Academic Regulations

This section covers information on UAF's academic regulations. It includes information on Academic Honors, Academic Progress, Academic Standards, Attendance, Change of Grade Policy, Class Standing, Course Classification, Grading System and Grade Point Average Computation, Honor code, Information Release, Majors, Petitions, Reserving Courses for Graduate Programs, Student's Rights and Responsibilities and the General University Requirements for Undergraduate Degrees, as well as a detailed table of the Baccalaureate Degree Requirements for 1996-97.

How to Earn a Degree

This section explains the Degree requirements in detail.