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1996-1997 catalog

Housing (Residence Life)

Residence Halls

Student Family Housing

Residence Halls

Each hall has staff assigned to the building from the Department of Residence Life. Senior hall staff are responsible for the administration and programming within the building. Resident assistants are full-time students who work with senior staff in planning and administering a program devoted to student development and community building.

Who is Eligible?

In general, you must maintain full-time status (12 credits for undergraduate and nine credits for graduate students) to qualify for student housing. Graduate student extended registration is considered full time for purposes of housing allocation. You should consult the residence life staff about regulations concerning maximum terms of occupancy. Since housing application request forms are mailed to students from the Office of Admissions, you should plan to complete your enrollment application well in advance.

How do Students Apply?

If you request housing information on your application for admission, your name will be forwarded to Residence Life. Upon confirmation of admission, you will be mailed a housing contract and a brochure. Complete the contract and return it with the necessary deposit to: Residence Life, P.O. Box 756860, Fairbanks, AK 99775-6860. You will be sent confirmation of acceptance into housing and a receipt for your deposit.

What Does it Cost?

Room Rent - Along with all other fees, room rent is due in full at registration. Current semester room charges are $975-$1,050 per person in double rooms; $1,200 for single rooms; and $1,225 per person in apartments. These rates are subject to change prior to July 1. Room fees permit the use of hall services such as lounge and recreation rooms, laundry areas and campus telephone service.

Refunds - If you move off campus or withdraw from the university, room refunds will be given according to the following schedule:

Withdrawal Period Refund Amount
Class days 1-5 75% of the semester housing charge
Class days 6-15 50% of the semester housing charge
Class days 16-30 25% of the semester housing charge
Beyond 30 days No refund will be issued.

Any refund of board charges will be calculated based upon the weeks remaining in the semester. A service charge of $75 will be subtracted from each refund of board charges, regardless of the date of withdrawal from the board plan. No refunds will be available after the twelfth week of the semester.

Refund of Deposits - A $250 room reservation/damage deposit/application fee is due when you return your completed housing contract. This deposit (minus the $25 application fee) will be refunded to you if you withdraw your housing contract by sending a written statement to Residence Life by Aug. 1 for fall semester and Dec. 1 for spring semester.

During occupancy, deposits are held until the contract period ends. Deposits are automatically transferred to subsequent semesters if you renew your housing contract.

Upon terminating your room contract, your deposit will be refunded if all contractual provisions have been met and no room cleaning or damage charges are assessed. Residence Life and the university reserve the right to deduct from the balance of the deposit other outstanding financial obligations.

Contracts - Room and board contracts are for one semester. Contracts begin officially at 9 a.m. on the opening date. Contracts may be voided if you don't maintain full-time academic status (as defined by Residence Life). You may be released from contracts because of marriage, health reasons or other emergencies deemed appropriate by the Director of Residence Life or his designee.

What about Meals?

Dining services on campus are provided for the university by a private contractor. Board programs begin in the Lola Tilly Commons the morning following the official opening, and end on the last day of final exams. During vacation periods, the Commons is closed and limited food service is available at other campus locations on a cash basis.

There are 19 scheduled meals per week (breakfast, lunch and dinner are served Monday through Friday and brunch and dinner are served Saturday and Sunday). Three different board plan options are available to students.

If you don't live on campus, you may be authorized by the Director of Residence Life to purchase a board program. The cost includes the price of the board program selected plus a board net charge of $110. This additional charge is used to maintain the dining facilities and equipment.

What Facilities are Available?

Hall configurations are subject to change annually. Please contact Residence Life for additional information.

Bartlett Hall houses 316 male and female students in double and single rooms on eight floors.

Lathrop Hall houses 136 male and female students in double rooms.

McIntosh Hall houses 98 students in double rooms on four floors.

Moore Hall houses up to 315 students in double and single rooms within its eight floors.

Nerland Hall houses 98 male and female students in double and single rooms on four floors.

Skarland Hall houses 135 male and female students in double and single rooms on four floors. Skarland Hall contains rooms on the first floor designed to accommodate mobility impaired students.

Stevens Hall houses 98 male and female students in double and single rooms on four floors.

Wickersham Hall houses 95 female students on three floors in single rooms and suites. The suites consist of two double sleeping rooms, a study and a half-bathroom.

The Student Apartment Complex (SAC) is comprised of 60 two-bedroom apartments accommodating 240 single students. A board plan is not required for apartment residents. This complex includes six apartments which were designed to accommodate mobility/hearing impaired students.

What are the Rooms Like?

Student rooms are equipped with a bed, desk, chair, mirror and closet space for each resident. You'll need to provide your own bedding (sheets, pillows, blankets), towels and face cloths. Each hall has recreation-lounge and laundry facilities. Regular custodial service is provided in common areas such as corridors, lounges and centrally located bathrooms.

Residence hall students are permitted to remain on campus during the Thanksgiving and spring vacation periods at no additional cost. Students approved to stay anytime during the break between the end of the fall semester and the beginning of the spring semester will be charged $100 and will be consolidated into other areas.

What about Room Assignments?

Hall reservations are made based on date of deposit, provided application and deposit requirements have been completed. You'll be given your room assignment when you arrive.

Current resident graduate and upper class students are given preference over incoming students for single rooms and apartments. Single room applications are available to juniors, seniors and graduate students after Residence Life has confirmed the acceptance of housing contracts. Single room applications are due March 1 and November 1 of each year for subsequent semesters.

Student Family Housing

Family housing is provided in several different locations. All have access to free laundry facilities, parking facilities and limited storage space. Most apartments are furnished. Student managers reside in family housing and are available to help.

Residents supply their own personal items including dishes, utensils and bedding.

Who is Eligible?

In general, you must maintain full-time status (12 credits for undergraduate and nine credits for graduate students) to qualify for student housing. Graduate student extended registration is considered for purposes of housing allocation. Eligibility for family housing is contingent upon acceptance as a student at UAF. You should consult the Residence Life staff about regulations concerning maximum terms of occupancy.

How do Students Apply?

Applications for student family housing are mailed upon request by Residence Life when proof of admission is received. A non-refundable $25 application fee is due with the completed application. An additional $250 cleaning/damage deposit is required upon assignment to apartments.

Space is always in high demand in student family housing. Apartments are assigned on a first-request basis, from current wait lists.

For more information about family housing, write: Residence Life, P.O. Box 756860, Fairbanks, AK 99775-6860.

What Facilities are Available?

Harwood Hall houses 36 married student couples without children in 18 efficiency and 18 one-bedroom apartments.

Hess Village contains 72 apartments consisting of: 16 one-bedroom; 48 two-bedroom; and eight three-bedroom apartments. These apartments are available for married couples or single parents with dependent children. Apartments are assigned according to family size.

Stuart Hall contains 12 furnished one-bedroom apartments available for married couples without children.

Walsh Hall has 12 one-bedroom furnished apartments occupied by married couples without children.