Police and Fire Departments

The UAF Police Department was founded in 1991 to meet the increasing needs of the university community. Since then it has become a progressive, proactive department striving toward active community involvement as well as the protection of people and property on the Fairbanks campus. In addition to patrol duties the department makes presentations on topics of importance to the community and supports a college-oriented crime prevention program.

The department hires college students as part-time community service officers who assist with campus security and patrol issues. These student officers have gone on to work in police agencies around Alaska and the nation as a result of their experience with the UAF Police Department.

The University Emergency Communications Center serves the Fairbanks campus 24 hours a day. In addition to handling campus law enforcement calls, the center also receives emergency calls from communities along the Parks Highway from Fairbanks to Cantwell. The center employs full-time career dispatchers.

The University Fire Department provides fire, rescue, EMS response, public assistance and hazardous materials response to the Fairbanks campus as well as the University Fire Service Area and EMS district. The department provides protection for a 26-square-mile area and more than 22,000 people. The department is nationally recognized and staffed full time at two stations, one on campus and one in the fire service area. The department provides plan review and inspection services to the Fairbanks-area and rural campuses. The hands-on, interactive program develops highly skilled individuals able to perform all the duties of professional career firefighters. The fire department provides exceptional employment and career opportunities for students interested in a career in emergency services.

The emergency telephone for both police and fire is 911. For more information, call 907-474-7721 for the police department, 907-474-5770 for the fire department, or visit www.uaf.edu/police/ or www.uaf.edu/fire/.