Note: This program has been suspended.

Arts and Sciences

School of Education

B.A.S. Degree

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 120 credits

The arts and sciences degree program instructs students in the subject areas encompassed in Alaska teacher content and performance standards: English/language arts, mathematics, science, geography, government and citizenship, history, skills for a healthy life, arts, world languages and technology.

The B.A.S. program is a broad-based major, concentrating on key principles and content knowledge in mathematics and science, the social sciences, humanities and fine arts.

Students in the B.A.S. degree program are advised by the School of Education. B.A.S. majors may choose any approved minor. Students who are interested in being teachers are encouraged to choose the education minor.

Major -- B.A.S. Degree

  1. Complete the general university requirements. (As part of the core curriculum requirements, complete the following: ART/MUS/THR F200X*, HIST F100X*, ANTH/SOC F100X*, ENG/FL F200X*, MATH F122X* or MATH F151X*, COMM F131X* or COMM F141X*, and two different science discipline laboratory courses selected from biology*, chemistry*, physics* and geoscience*. Two years of a non-English language highly recommended.)
  2. Complete the following B.A.S. degree major requirements in addition to the core:*
    1. Complete the following mathematics requirements:
      MATH F211--Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers I--3 credits
      MATH F212--Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers II--3 credits
    2. Complete two additional laboratory courses in the two science disciplines not completed for the baccalaureate core.
    3. Complete the following social sciences requirements:
      GEOG F101--Expedition Earth: Introduction to Geography--3 credits
      HIST F131--History of the U.S. (3)
           or HIST F132--History of the U.S. (3)--3 credits
      HIST F461W--History of Alaska--3 credits
      PS F101--Introduction to American Government and Politics--3 credits
    4. Complete the following literature, grammar and writing requirements:
      ENGL F271--Introduction to Creative Writing -- Fiction (3)
           or ENGL F272--Introduction to Creative Writing -- Poetry (3)
           or ENGL F313W--Writing Nonfiction Prose (3)
           or ENGL F314W,O/2--Technical Writing (3)
           or JRN F311W--Magazine Article Writing (3)--3 credits
      ENGL F306--Survey of American Literature: Beginnings to the Civil War (3)
           or ENGL F307--Survey of American Literature: Civil War to the Present (3)
           or ENGL F308--Survey of British Literature: Beowulf to the Romantic Period (3)
           or another literature-focused course (3)--3 credits
      ENGL F317--Traditional English Grammar--3 credits
    5. Complete the following psychology and language development requirements:
      LING/ED F100 Language, Education and Linguistics (3)
           or LING F101--Nature of Language (3)
           or LING F303W,O--Language Acquisition (3)--3 credits
      PSY F240--Lifespan Developmental Psychology (3)
           or PSY/ED F245-- Child Development (3)--3 credits
    6. Complete creative expression course or courses from applied courses in music, theatre, photography or art.--3 credits
    7. Complete the following understanding diversity and culture requirements:
      ANTH F242--Native Cultures of Alaska--3 credits
      Course selected from a list developed by the review committee--3 credits
    8. Complete the following senior seminar requirements:
      LAS F410W,O/2--Scientific Research--3 credits
      ED F486W,O--Media Literacy--3 credits
    9. Complete the following technology requirement:
      ED F237--Technology Tools for Teachers--0.5-2 credits
      This course is divided into four modules. Students have the option to test out of any of the four modules or enroll in and successfully complete for a passing grade any module that has not been successfully challenged.
    10. Complete the following Praxis test requirement:
      B.A.S. students will be required to have Alaska passing scores on the Praxis I and the Praxis II (test 0014) prior to completing their last semester. Praxis I assesses reading, writing and math; Praxis II "Elementary Content Knowledge" assesses broad knowledge and background in English/language, arts, math, science and social sciences.
  3. Complete minor complex**--15 credits
  4. Complete electives--0-8 credits
  5. Minimum credits required--120 credits

* Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course.

** Departmental requirements for minors may exceed this 15 credit minimum. See other program descriptions for specific minor requirements.

Note: For the B.A.S. degree program, at least 39 credits must be taken in upper-division (F300- and F400-level) courses. Courses taken to fulfill the B.A.S. degree can also be counted for content minors or second majors.