UAF Administration, Faculty and Emeriti

UA Board of Regents
Dale Anderson 2012-2021
Sheri Buretta 2015-2023
John Davies 2015-2023
Kenneth J. Fisher, Secretary 2009-2017
Jyotsna Heckman, Chair 2011-2019
Mary K. Hughes 2002-2017
Stacey Lucason 2015-2017
Gloria O’Neill, Treasurer 2013-2021
Lisa Parker 2015-2023
Michael Powers, Vice Chair 2011-2019
Andy Teuber 2015-2023
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UAF Administration
Chancellor Brian Rogers
Provost Susan Henrichs, Executive Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
Administrative Services Kari Burrell, Vice Chancellor
Arctic Biology, Institute of Brian Barnes, Director
Cooperative Extension Service Fred Schlutt, Vice Provost for Extension and Outreach, Director
Diversity and Equal Opportunity Mae Marsh, Director
Education, School of Allan Morotti, Dean
eLearning & Distance Education Carol Gering, Executive Director
Engineering and Mines, College of Doug Goering, Dean
Facilities Services Scott Bell, Associate Vice Chancellor
Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, School of Joan Braddock, Interim Dean
Geophysical Institute Robert McCoy, Director
Graduate School John Eichelberger, Dean
Information Technology Karl Kowalski, Chief Information Technology Officer
International Arctic Research Center Hajo Eicken, Interim Director
Liberal Arts, College of Todd Sherman, Dean
Libraries Suzan Hahn, Interim Dean
Management, School of Mark Herrmann, Dean
Marine Science, Institute of Jennifer Reynolds, Director
Museum of the North, University of Alaska Aldona Jonaitis, Interim Director
Natural Resources and Extension, School of Stephen Sparrow, Interim Dean
Natural Science and Mathematics, College of Paul Layer, Dean
Northern Engineering, Institute of William Schnabel, Interim Director
Research Larry Hinzman, Interim Vice Chancellor
Rural and Community Development, College of Evon Peter, Vice Chancellor for Rural, Community and Native Education
-- Bristol Bay Campus Deborah McLean-Nelson, Director
-- Chukchi Campus Pauline Harvey, Director
-- Community and Technical College Michele Stalder, Dean
-- Interior Alaska Campus Teisha Simmons, Director
-- Kuskokwim Campus Mary Ciuniq Pete, Director
-- Northwest Campus Bob Metcalf, Director
University and Student Advancement Michael Sfraga, Vice Chancellor


ASUAF Mathew Carrick, President (2015-2016)
Faculty Senate Debasmita Misra, President (2015-2016)
Staff Council Faye Gallant, President (2015-2016)


The date following each name designates the time of original appointment to university faculty. (Dates of resignations and reappointments are not indicated.) A second date in parentheses follows each member’s present rank and indicates the beginning of service in that rank. The abbreviation that follows this second date indicates the University of Alaska Fairbanks unit in which the employee works.

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A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z


The abbreviations are:
AFES Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station
AKCFWRU Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
ANLC Alaska Native Language Center
BBC Bristol Bay Campus
CANHR Center for Alaska Native Health Research
CC Chukchi Campus
CDR College of Natural Science and Mathematics Division of Research
CEM College of Engineering and Mines
CES Cooperative Extension Service
CGC Center for Global Change and Arctic System Research
CHANC Chancellor’s Office
CIFAR Cooperative Institute for Arctic Research
CLA College of Liberal Arts
CNSM College of Natural Science and Mathematics
CTC Community and Technical College
CRCD College of Rural and Community Development
CRS Center for Research Services
DANSRD Department of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development
EDE eLearning and Distance Education
FS Facilities Services
GI Geophysical Institute
GRAD Graduate School
IAB Institute of Arctic Biology
IAC Interior Alaska Campus
IARC International Arctic Research Center
INE Institute of Northern Engineering
KUC Kuskokwim Campus
LIB Elmer E. Rasmuson Library
MUSEUM University of Alaska Museum of the North
NWC Northwest Campus
OIT Office of Information Technology
PROV Provost’s Office
SFOS School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
SNRE School of Natural Resources and Extension
SOE School of Education
SOM School of Management
USA University and Student Advancement
VCAS Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services
WERC Water and Environmental Research Center