Honors Program

The Honors Program provides academic engagement, scholarly activity and social enrichment opportunities for exceptionally talented, creative and motivated students. It promotes the highest standards of academic, professional and personal achievement and encourages students to think critically and to act and contribute in ways that benefit communities and society. Honors students have access to small classes, world-class faculty, scholarships, in-depth approaches to learning and early, mentored research opportunities. They participate in an intellectual and social community of students and professional scholars, and are encouraged to pursue undergraduate intellectual, scholarly and research interests.


Undergraduate students from all disciplines are eligible for admission and encouraged to apply to the Honors Program. Entering freshmen should have a high school GPA of 3.6 and a composite SAT score of 1,820 or an ACT composite score of 27. Current UAF and transfer students must have a cumulative college GPA of 3.5. Students in the Honors Program must be enrolled full-time (for a minimum of 12 credits) in a bachelor's degree program.

The application process for admission to the Honors Program is free, and is separate and distinct from application for admission to the university. Honors students are encouraged to apply no later than Feb. 15 to be eligible for fall scholarships. Honors Program open application periods follow the UAF class registration schedules for fall and spring. Applications are considered on a space-available basis.

Program Features

Honors courses are offered in all disciplines, including courses specifically designed for the Honors Program and special enriched sections of standard university courses. Students in the Honors Program may also contract with an instructor to make a standard course or an individual study into an honors course. Additionally, students who choose to study abroad or take graduate-level courses can earn credits toward their honors degree. Students must have prior approval of the honors director. In all cases, honors, contracted, graduate and study abroad courses will only contribute credits toward the honors degree if the student earns a grade of B or better.

Program Requirements

To graduate with a distinction from the Honors Program, students must fulfill a GPA requirement, a capstone project requirement and an honors credit requirement.

GPA Requirement

To graduate with a distinction from the Honors Program, in addition to the other program requirements, students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.25. Students whose cumulative GPA falls below 3.25 for two consecutive semesters will be removed from the program, unless an appeal is approved by the honors director.

Capstone Project Requirement

To graduate with a distinction from the Honors Program, in addition to the other program requirements, students must work with a faculty mentor to complete a capstone project including a written component, which will be archived by the Honors Program.

Honors Credit Requirement

University Honors Scholar distinction is awarded at commencement to students who complete 27 or more credits of honors course work and/or study abroad and graduate-level courses in addition to the other program requirements. Honors Program Scholar distinction is awarded to students who complete 12 credits of honors course work in addition to other program requirements.

For more information contact the Honors Program at the Honors House, 520 Copper Lane, 907-474-6612, uaf.honors@alaska.edu or www.uaf.edu/honors/.