Natural Resources and Extension

Scientists, natural resources managers and policymakers are becoming more aware of the complexity and interrelatedness of society and the environment. Implementing sustainable natural resources decisions in contemporary society requires an interdisciplinary approach. Graduates of the School of Natural Resources and Extension use their academic training to facilitate the wise management of renewable resources. The undergraduate program in natural resources management integrates knowledge in natural sciences, policy, forestry, economics and human values to examine the sustainable use of natural resources and decisions regarding their management.

Graduate students may earn master of science degrees in natural resources management or natural resources management and geography, and a doctorate in natural resources and sustainability.

Faculty and students conduct research at the Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station, which includes research centers and experiment farms in Fairbanks and Palmer, the Forest Soils Laboratory in Fairbanks, and field sites around the state. SNRE developed its courses and programs in close cooperation with many university units, private industry, and local, state and federal agencies. These cooperative arrangements provide students with opportunities for fieldwork and internships in the degree options listed above, as well as in outdoor recreation, water resources management, park and wilderness management, geographic information systems, and research planning and administration. For more information visit or call 907-474-5276.