Arctic Region Supercomputing Center

The Arctic Region Supercomputing Center is the university's high-performance computing and massive data storage facility, providing the advanced tools scientists and engineers need for computationally based problem-solving. ARSC provides web-based interfaces to scientific data. The center's petabyte-scale storage facilities and supercomputers are capable of performing trillions of calculations per second and are available to any UAF affiliate. ARSC is funded through a variety of university sources.

Cyberinfrastructure provided by ARSC supports computational research in science and engineering with an emphasis on high latitudes and the Arctic. ARSC is an active collaborator with users and parallel computing experts worldwide to provide early adoption and assessment of next-generation technologies. ARSC partners with UAF research institutes for grant-seeking and publication, mentoring graduate and undergraduate students, and providing internships. Scientific specialists and technical staff at ARSC provide in-depth assistance and training for new and existing HPC users, tailored consulting, and support for successful use of ARSC resources to address problems requiring solutions beyond the capabilities of conventional computers.

ARSC supports university courses in computer art, computational science and other disciplines with hardware, software and ARSC-affiliated faculty. For information, call 907-450-8600 or visit