Tribal Justice

College of Rural and Community Development
Interior-Aleutians Campus

Occupational Endorsement

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Minimum Requirements for Occupational Endorsement: 9 credits

The occupational endorsement in tribal justice provides education specific to tribal courts and tribal justice in Alaska, preparing tribal court judges, clerks and administrators for employment in the tribal justice field. The endorsement also provides a pathway for continuing education for tribal justice professionals in Alaska. Applicants must be 16 years old to be admitted.

Occupational Endorsement Program

  1. Complete the following admissions requirement: Be at least 16 years old by the first day of the semester in which you are admitted.
  2. Complete the general university requirements.
  3. Complete the occupational endorsement requirements.
  4. Complete the following:
    TM F110--Tribal Court Development for Alaska Tribes--1 credit
    TM F111--Children's Topics in Tribal Justice--1 credit
    TM F112--Federal Indian Law for Alaska Tribes--1 credit
    TM F113--Tribal Code Development--1 credit
    TM F114--Tribal Justice Responses to Community and Domestic Violence--1 credit
    TM F115--Tribal Court Administration--1 credit
    TM F116--Juvenile Justice in Tribal Court--1 credit
    TM F117--Tribal Court Enforcement of Decisions--1 credit
    TM F118--Tribal Community and Restorative Justice--1 credit
  5. Minimum credits required--9 credits