Science Teaching and Outreach

College of Natural Science and Mathematics
Department of Biology and Wildlife

Graduate Certificate

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Minimum Requirements for Certificate: 12 credits

The certificate in science teaching and outreach is a voluntary program that prepares science graduate students for science careers that include teaching and/or communicating science to the public. It does NOT meet the requirements for earning a state teaching certificate and will not allow graduates to apply for certified positions in the K-12 school system. The science teaching and outreach certificate will enhance readiness for college-level teaching by providing hands-on training and familiarity with pedagogical theory. The certificate is expected to increase competitive ability in the higher-education job market.

Graduate Certificate

  1. Complete the general university requirements.
  2. Have a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.
  3. Admission to a graduate science or engineering degree program at UAF (CNSM, SFOS, SNRE, CEM), or prior completion of a graduate degree in the sciences or engineering.
  4. Complete the following:
    STO F601--Communicating Science--2 credits
    STO F502--Mentoring in the Sciences--2 credits
    STO F603--Instructional Design--1 credit
    STO F604--Science Teaching and Outreach Internship--4 credits
    STO F666--Scientific Teaching--2 credits
  5. Complete one of the following:
    MATH F600--Mathematics Teaching Seminar--1 credit
    PHYS F605--Physics Teaching Seminar--1 credit
    STO F692--Current Topics in Scientific Teaching--1 credit
  6. Minimum credits required--12 credits