College of Liberal Arts
Department of Journalism

BA Degree; Minor

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Minimum Requirements for Degree: 120 credits

The journalism program offers a solid curriculum designed to prepare students to leave the classroom and be ready to take their places in the nation's newsrooms.

In addition to the solid academic background they receive in the classroom, students get practical experience by working with media on and off campus. On campus, these include KUAC, a public television and public radio station, student-owned FM radio station KSUA, and the Sun Star, the campus newspaper. Off campus, students have opportunities to intern with a variety of radio and television stations, newspapers and other media-related businesses and organizations, both in and out of Alaska.

The department runs several laboratory facilities including a digital newsroom and photography lab, a digital audio bay, a digital video editing/advanced digital printing lab, two wet photography labs and a photography studio. The department is accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Major -- BA Degree

  1. Complete the general university requirements.
  2. Complete the BA degree requirements. (As part of the BA degree requirements, complete HIST F132*.)
  3. Complete the following program (major) requirements:*
    JRN F101--Media and Culture--3 credits
    JRN F202--News Writing for the Media--3 credits
    JRN F251--Introduction to Video Production--4 credits
    JRN F302W--Reporting--3 credits
    JRN F400--Professional Media Internship--3 credits
    JRN F404 --Photojournalism I--3 credits
    JRN F413--Mass Media Law and Regulation--3 credits
    JRN F421--Journalism in Perspective--3 credits
    JRN F432W--Public Relations Techniques--3 credits
    JRN F454O--Newscast--3 credits
    JRN F490--Online Publication: “Extreme Alaska”--3 credits
  4. Complete one of the following four courses:
    JRN F215--Radio Production--3 credits
    JRN F323--Editing for Journalists--3 credits
    JRN F406--Photojournalism II--3 credits
    JRN F480--Documentary Filmmaking --3 credits
  5. Complete one course from the list of approved journalism electives:*
    JRN F204/ART F284--Basic Digital Photography--3 credits
    JRN F215--Radio Production--3 credits
    JRN F240--Foreign Corresponding--3 credits
    JRN F250--Website Design--3 credits
    JRN/FLM F280--Video Storytelling--3 credits
    JRN F311W--Magazine Article Writing--3 credits
    JRN F323--Editing for Journalists--3 credits
    JRN F324--Typography and Publication Design--3 credits
    JRN/THR/FLM F347O--Lighting Design--3 credits
    JRN/WGS F380O--Women, Minorities and the Mass Media--3 credits
    JRN F390--New Media Toolkit--3 credits
    JRN F402/ART F483--Advanced Photography--3 credits
    JRN F405/ART F465--Advanced Photography Seminar--3 credits
    JRN F406--Photojournalism II--3 credits
    JRN F407/ART F487--Digital Darkroom--3 credits
    JRN F411W--Writing for a Living--3 credits
    JRN F440--Ethics and Reporting in the Far North--3 credits
    JRN F444W--Investigative Reporting--3 credits
    JRN F452--Radio and Television News Writing--3 credits
    JRN F453O--Television News Reporting--3 credits
    JRN F454O--Newscast--3 credits
    JRN F456W--Science Writing for Magazines and Newspapers--3 credits
    JRN F480--Documentary Filmmaking--3 credits
    JRN/ART F484--Multimedia Theory and Practice--3 credits
    JRN F493--Special Topics--3 credits
    JRN F497--Independent Study--3 credits
    JRN F498--Undergraduate Research--3 credits
  6. Complete credits outside of Journalism. To assure the journalist a broad liberal arts education, 80 credits must be taken from outside of journalism, 65 of which should be from any of these departments; AKNP, ALST, ANL, ANS, ANTH, ART, ASLF, ATM, BIOL, CHEM, COMM, ECON, ENGL, ENVE, ESK, FISH, FL, FREN, GEOG, GEOS, GER, HIST, HONR, HUM, JPN, JUST, LING, LS, MATH, MSL, MUS, NORS, NRM , PHIL, PHYS, PS, PSY, RUSS, SOC, SPAN, STAT, THR and WGS
  7. Minimum credits required--120 credits

* Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course in the major requirements and any course offered through the Department of Journalism.


  1. Complete the following:*
    JRN F101--Media and Culture--3 credits
    JRN F202--News Writing for the Media--3 credits
    Approved JRN electives--9 credits
    (Any journalism course taken for the major serves as an approved elective for the minor. Other approved electives for the minor are the same as those listed for the major).
  2. Minimum credits required--15 credits

* Students must earn a C- grade or better in all department courses used to satisfy minor requirements.