College of Liberal Arts
Department of Theatre and Film

BA Degree; Minor

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Minimum Requirements for Degree: 120 credits

A degree in film will provide students with a critical understanding of the history, theory and technologies of cinema and new media arts, while giving students the opportunities, tools and resources needed for careers in media industries, to pursue graduate study, or become media artists. Through an interdisciplinary approach to film and media studies, the program will produce media-literate professionals who can play a leading role in an increasingly information-centered world where every profession will require skilled media creators.

Film students will have opportunities to produce their own creative, time-based content for a wide variety of multimedia applications. Emphasis will be placed on the cultures, lifestyles and environments of Alaska and the North, and the unique opportunities they afford for skilled media creators and artists.

Major - BA Degree

  1. Complete the general university requirements.
    To graduate, all students must complete 39 upper-division credits. Some of these will be covered by the upper-division required courses for the film BA, but not all of them. Film students will need to take upper-division electives (in film or other disciplines) to complete the upper-division requirement.
  2. Complete the BA degree requirements.
  3. Complete the following program (major) requirements:*
    1. Complete the following:
      FLM/ART F172--Previsualization and Preproduction for Digital Cinema--3 credits
      FLM/ENGL F217--Introduction to the Study of Film--3 credits
      FLM/JRN F290--Digital Video Editing--3 credits
      FLM/THR F271--Let's Make a Movie (3)
           or FLM/JRN F280--Video Storytelling --3 credits
      FLM/THR F331--Directing Film/Video (3)
           or FLM/JRN F480--Documentary Filmmaking--3 credits
    2. Complete minimum of 6 credits from Film Studies, including at least one upper-division course:
      FLM/JRN F105--History of the Cinema--3 credits
      FLM/ JRN F308--Film Criticism--3 credits
      FLM/THR F334W--Movies and Films--3 credits
      FLM/JRN/HIST F368--Topics in American Film History--3 credits
      FLM/ANS F381--Alaska Natives in Film--3 credits
      FLM/ENG F427--Topics in Film Studies--3 credits
      FLM/FREN F433--Studies in French and European Cinema--3 credits
      FLM/RUSS F484--Russian and Soviet Cinema--3 credits
    3. Complete a minimum of 9 credits from Film Production, including at least one upper-division course:
      THR F121--Fundamentals of Acting--3 credits
      FLM/JRN F251--Introduction to Video Production--4 credits
      FLM/JRN F280--Video Storytelling--3 credits
      FLM F298--Film Research--3 credits
      FLM/THR F310--Acting for the Camera--3 credits
      FLM/ART F371--Digital Photography and Pixel Painting--3 credits
      FLM F358--Lights, Camera, Audio--3 credits
      FLM F418--Internship in Film Production--1–6 credits
      FLM/THR F431--Advanced Film Production--3 credits
      FLM F458--SFX Up Your Video--3 credits
      FLM/ART/ANTH F460--Cross-Cultural Filmmaking--3 credits
      FLM/THR F470--Advanced Film and Video Directing--3 credits
      FLM /ART F472--Visualization and Animation--3 credits
      FLM/ART F475--Digital Video Compositing--3 credits
      FLM/ENG/THR F488--Dramatic Writing --3 credits
      FLM F497--Independent Study--3 credits
      FLM F498--Film Research--3 credits
      FLM F499--Film Thesis--3 credits
  4. Complete a minimum of 6 credits from department-approved electives
  5. Of the above, students must complete 15 credits at the F300 or F400 level, at least 6 credits of which must be at the F400 level
  6. Minimum credits required--120 credits

* Students must earn a C- grade or better in all courses required of the core and major.

Note: Courses used to satisfy the major cannot be used for the minor.

Film Studies Minor

  1. Complete the following:
    FLM/ART/THR F172--Previsualization and Preproduction for Digital Cinema--3 credits
    FLM/ENGL F217--Introduction to the Study of Film--3 credits
    FLM/THR/F271--Let's Make a Movie (3)
         or FLM/JRN F280--Video Storytelling (3)--3 credits
  2. Complete a minimum of 9 credits from department-approved electives.
  3. Minimum credits required--18 credits