Construction Management

College of Rural and Community Development
Community and Technical College

AAS Degree

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Minimum Requirements for Degree: 65 credits

The construction management program meets growing needs in the construction industry by training entry-level construction managers and by providing continuing education for construction employees.

Construction managers plan, direct and are responsible for oversight of construction projects. They are responsible for coordinating and managing people, materials and equipment; budgets, schedules and contracts; and the safety of employees and the general public. Construction managers determine construction means and methods and the most cost-effective plans and schedules. They track construction costs and administer contract changes to the project budget to maximize profitability. Construction managers monitor work progress to ensure compliance with architectural and engineering drawings and specifications.

Construction managers work in all phases of the construction business -- for public and private owners; on small, multifamily projects to the largest of skyscrapers and industrial projects; and on rural roads to major highways. Construction managers work closely with architects, engineers, owners and the various contractors on a construction job. The construction manager's duties are varied, challenging and rewarding.

UAF's construction management program was developed with input from local contractors and professional industry organizations. It gives students broad knowledge of building systems and construction techniques. CM graduates understand basic principles of business and know about the technical aspects of the construction industry. Graduates are able to function both in the construction office and on the job site.

The CM AAS degree requires four to five semesters to complete. While not a prerequisite, it is recommended that students applying for admission have experience in the construction industry.

Major -- AAS Degree

  1. Complete the general university requirements.
  2. Complete the AAS degree requirements. (As part of the AAS degree requirement complete ENGL F111X, ENGL F212 or ENGL F213X, and COMM F131X or COMM F141X for the communications requirement, and MATH F107X for the computation requirement. The human relations content is embedded in some of the major required courses for this program.)
  3. Complete the following program (major) requirements:*
    ABUS F101--Principles of Accounting I--3 credits
    ABUS F201--Principles of Accounting II--3 credits
    CM F102--Methods of Building Construction--3 credits
    CM F123--Codes and Standards--3 credits
    CM F142--Mechanical and Electrical Technology--4 credits
    CM F163--Building Construction Cost Estimating--3 credits
    CM F201--Construction Project Management--3 credits
    CM F202--Project Planning and Scheduling--3 credits
    CM F205--Construction Safety--3 credits
    CM F213--Civil Technology--4 credits
    CM F231--Structural Technology--4 credits
    CM F263--Civil Construction Cost Estimating…--3 credits
    CM F299--Construction Management Internship--3 credits
    DRT F170--Beginning AutoCAD--3 credits
    MATH F108--Trigonometry--3 credits
    PHYS F103X--College Physics--4 credits
  4. Minimum credits required--65 credits

* Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course.