American Sign Language

College of Rural and Community Development
Community and Technical College

Minor only

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The minor in American sign language provides students with an opportunity to acquire signing skills and experience American deaf culture and history. Students of ASLG will have a greater understanding of diversity and empathy for people with differing abilities. ASLG students will develop critical thinking skills and be able to sign clearly, be understood and comprehend native signers. ASLG minor students will be required to participate in community events and develop an ethical responsibility to the community in which they live. ASL is a visual language that uses physical stamina and coordination, as well as agile visual/mental processing and prolonged visual attention. There is no use of voice during the ASLG classes, therefore students must be able to sustain physically demanding activity in order to participate and learn.


  1. Complete the following:*
    ASLG F101--American Sign Language I--3 credits
    ASLG F202--American Sign Language II--3 credits
    ASLG F203--American Sign Language III--3 credits
    ASLG F204--American Sign Language IV--3 credits
    ASLG F205--American Sign Language V--3 credits
  2. Minimum credits required--15 credits

* Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course.

Note: Courses designated as humanities that are taken for the minor may also be used to fulfill humanities distribution requirements for the BA degree. Courses that are taken for the minor may not be used to fulfill the Core Perspectives on Human Condition requirements.