Single-Student Housing

Your educational experience at UAF will be one of the great adventures of your life. The Department of Residence Life can be a vital part of that adventure through programs designed to offer you a comfortable, energetic environment in which to live and learn. The community fosters close friendships and academic achievement, helps you develop individual leadership ability and provides opportunities for personal growth.

UAF's residence halls are some of the best in the state, and they are the only residence halls in the nation that boast a view of the Alaska Range and Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America.

Residence Life offers living environments to meet every need. Options include coed buildings by floor, small community atmospheres for rural Alaskans, apartment-style options, single rooms, alcohol-free environments and first-year experience halls. All single-student residential units are pet and smoke free.

Residence hall students have the conveniences of home within walking distance to class. Benefits include:

  • cable television service
  • optional local telephone service
  • wireless and high-speed connections
  • laundry facilities
  • trained staff on call 24 hours
  • more than 400 programs offered each year


All students are eligible for campus housing, but students are not guaranteed housing until approved by the Department of Residence Life. To better manage occupancy, Residence Life requires that students be registered for a minimum of 6 in-class credit hours (online or distance education classes do not apply) to live in campus housing.

Application Process

Applications are available through admissions upon admittance to UAF, through Residence Life upon request or online at www.uaf.edu/reslife/. Applicants must send $355 ($315 deposit, $40 nonrefundable application fee) with the signed housing application. Upon acceptance, Residence Life will send a written confirmation and receipt to the student.


On-campus costs are comparable to off-campus living costs. When amenities such as cable television, wireless and computer connections, transportation and laundry facilities are added in, the on-campus costs are even more favorable. Residential fees (room and board) are due in full at fee payment along with all other fees.

Residence hall and board plan fees are listed in the costs section of the catalog. All room and board costs are subject to change. Students whose housing applications have been accepted will be given the opportunity to withdraw (less the application fee) if rates increase after they apply. Contact Residence Life about residence hall fees. Questions about the board plan should be directed to Dining Services at 907-474-6661.

Consequences of Canceling a Housing Contract

After July 31, students who have submitted a housing application are expected to live on campus and pay appropriate housing fees for their reserved space. Students who fail to occupy their reserved space by the first day of classes or cancel their reserved space after July 31 will be assessed a minimum of 10 percent of the room rate and forfeit their deposit. Dining plans also carry cancellation consequences. Direct questions about meal plans to Dining Services at 907-474-6661.

On-campus housing applications are for the academic year. Students living on campus for the fall semester are obligated to live on campus for the remainder of the academic year, so long as they are UAF students. Exceptions may be granted for the conditions listed under the “termination/forfeits” section of the agreement.

Room charges and refunds are processed according to the following schedule:

TABLE 17 Room Refund Schedule
Withdrawal Fall 2014 Refund Amount
Before Aug. 1 Refund deposit and 100% of the semester charge
Aug. 1–Sept. 12 Forfeit deposit and 10% of the semester charge
Sept. 13–22 Forfeit deposit and 25% of the semester charge
Sept. 23–Oct. 10 Forfeit deposit and 50% of the semester charge
Oct. 11–28 Forfeit deposit and 75% of the semester charge
After Oct. 28 No refund will be issued
Withdrawal Spring 2015 Refund Amount
Before Dec. 1 -- new agreement in spring Refund deposit and 100% of the semester charge
Before Dec. 1 -- continuation of fall agreement Forfeit deposit, refund 100% of the semester charge
Dec. 1–Jan. 23 Forfeit deposit and 10% of the semester charge
Jan. 24–Feb. 6 Forfeit deposit and 25% of the semester charge
Feb. 7–21 Forfeit deposit and 50% of the semester charge
Feb. 22–March 24 Forfeit deposit and 75% of the semester charge
After March 25 No refund will be issued

Deposits will be carried forward to subsequent academic years for students with applications. Deposits can be forfeited for several reasons. Please refer to the back of the residence hall application for specific details.

Halls and Rooms

Every residence hall has common areas -- including recreation lounges, study lounges, small kitchens and laundry facilities -- designed to foster academic and personal growth. Recreational lounges typically have televisions, couches, tables, chairs and pool tables or ping-pong tables. Hall kitchens generally include a range/oven, refrigerator, microwave, sink, table and chairs. Kitchens are for preparing snacks and not designed to replace the university meal plan.

All student rooms have high-speed connections, local telephone service and cable television service. Students must furnish their own twin-long linens, blankets, pillows, towels and telephone. Custodial service is provided for all common areas such as hallways, lounges and centrally located bathrooms.

EDGE Program

The Education, Development, Growth and Experience program provides support and resources to help traditional first-time freshmen achieve academic success. The EDGE program is mandatory for all first-time freshmen under 20 years of age who live on campus. EDGE halls have live-in tutors and twice the number of resident advisors as other halls. Alcohol is prohibited in EDGE halls. Participants receive instruction in academic success skills, campus resources and other topics that foster success.

Room Use During Vacation Periods

All halls are open during Thanksgiving and spring break, but most are closed during the winter break, with the exception of Cutler Apartments and the Sustainable Village. All students living on campus in the fall and spring are eligible to remain on campus over the winter break provided they apply and pay the winter break fee. Space is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The winter break fee for Cutler Apartments and the Sustainable Village is included in the fall semester rates. Food service is not available during the winter and spring breaks. Summer housing assignments are made through Residence Life.

Family Housing/Graduate Housing

UAF offers a variety of on-campus housing to meet the needs of student families. The university owns and maintains 180 furnished apartments on campus, ranging from one- to three-bedroom units. They are affordable, comfortable and conveniently located near the center of campus. All apartments are smoke-free.


Students who are married and accompanied by their spouse, single parents with legal custody of their children, financially interdependent domestic partners and graduate students are eligible for family/graduate housing options at UAF. At least one adult family member must be enrolled as a full-time UAF student. Students planning to be married by the time they move in may apply. However, students may not sign an occupancy agreement until they present a marriage certificate or obtain financial interdependence approval.

Application Process

Residence Life will mail an application for family housing upon request (also available online at www.uaf.edu/reslife/). Applicants should return the completed form as soon as possible with a nonrefundable $75 application fee. Residence Life establishes waiting lists according to the order in which it receives applications. The application is not a guarantee of accommodations, but it gives Residence Life the information it requires to meet the applicant's needs. All apartment preferences are honored on a first-received, first-served basis.

Pet Policy

Residents of family, faculty and staff housing may keep fish, small caged animals (including hamsters, gerbils and mice -- limit of two small caged animals per household), dogs and cats. No other animals may be kept as pets in campus housing. Visit the Residence Life website at www.uaf.edu/reslife/ for details about the application process and required deposit and cleaning fees. Applying to keep a pet does not guarantee approval.


Costs for families living on campus are comparable to the costs of living off campus. On-campus family apartment rental rates include all utilities except telephone and Internet in some units.

Deposits for family housing are $600. Upon acceptance of your assigned apartment, $300 of the deposit is due. The balance of your $600 deposit and your first month's rent is due when you check in. Your occupancy agreement is for the entire academic year, but you may cancel the agreement for spring semester without forfeiting your deposit if you graduate or are not enrolled at UAF. Cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to Residence Life with a 30-day notice of intent to vacate. See the cancellation/termination section of your agreement for more detailed information.


The Fairbanks campus maintains five apartment complexes: Stuart Hall and Walsh Hall offer one-bedroom apartments (400 square feet) for couples without children; Hess Village offers one-bedroom (425 square feet), two-bedroom (720 square feet) and three-bedroom (900 square feet) apartments for families with children; and Garden Apartments is a six-plex offering shared two-bedroom apartments. Harwood Hall offers efficiencies (380 square feet) and one-bedroom apartments (470 square feet) for graduate couples without children and single graduate students. All complexes are equipped with laundry facilities.

Campus apartments are fully furnished and usually include computer connections, cable television service, laundry facilities and local telephone service.

Immunization Policy and Housing

The University of Alaska strictly enforces immunization and test requirements for students living in high-density housing. To be eligible to live in residence halls and single-student apartment complexes, all students and other persons born after 1956 must complete, sign and submit a health inventory form to the Student Health and Counseling Center. The form must show:

  1. Proof of immunization against or immunity for measles, mumps, rubella (two MMR are required).
  2. Proof of immunization against diphtheria and tetanus (within the past 10 years).
  3. PPD screening for tuberculosis (within the past year). If your screening was positive, you must provide evidence of a negative chest X-ray.

Although the university urges all students to be immunized against communicable diseases, these requirements are specifically intended to help ensure the health of all resident students.

Mandatory Immunizations and Tests

Your application for housing may be withheld for your second semester if you have not submitted these items. The university may require additional or expanded immunization and testing if the university community's health and safety warrants it.

The university may grant exemptions from immunization requirements based on medical or religious reasons. The chancellor may also grant exemptions to people who will occupy student residence facilities for less than a semester. Those exempted from immunization or testing for a disease may be removed from student residence facilities should an outbreak of that disease occur or threaten to occur. Residence Life cannot authorize exceptions to this policy.

See Board of Regents' Policy, Part IX–Student Affairs, Chapter XI–Student Health. For more information, contact the Student Health and Counseling Center at 907-474-7043, uaf-sh-cc@alaska.edu or www.uaf.edu/chc/.

Where to Get More Information

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University of Alaska Fairbanks
Main Floor, Moore-Bartlett-Skarland Complex
P.O. Box 756860
Fairbanks, AK 99775-6860
Email: uaf-housing@alaska.edu
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