Disability Services

The Disability Services program, located in 208 Whitaker, provides services to students with documented disabilities. Its goal is to ensure equal access to educational opportunities at UAF. Academic accommodations are free of charge and available to any student who qualifies as an individual with a disability and is enrolled in at least one credit hour.

Disability Services maintains adaptive computer workstations at several places on campus for students with disabilities. Workstations include voice-activated software, screen enlargers and screen readers. UAF has an accessible shuttle bus service equipped with a wheelchair lift for transportation on campus. Most campus buildings, and some student residence halls, are accessible.

For more information contact the director of Disability Services at 907-474-5655 or 907-474-1827 (TTY), e-mail uaf-disabilityservices@alaska.edu, or online at www.uaf.edu/disability/.