Developmental Education

The mission of developmental education at UAF is to make educational opportunity and success possible for all students by developing the skills and attitudes necessary to achieve academic excellence and student success, and develop lifelong learning skills.

Developmental education courses prepare students for university academic and vocational/technical programs by improving skills in math, writing and reading. Study skills classes prepare students to successfully negotiate the university experience. A student's need for developmental education courses is determined by high school transcripts, test scores, other achievement data and discussions with counselors, advisors and instructors. Students may also take developmental education courses when they want to improve their skills or proficiency.

There are three categories of developmental education courses: developmental math, developmental English (writing skills), and developmental studies (reading and study skills). Descriptions of developmental education classes are listed in the courses section under developmental math, developmental English and developmental studies.

For more information, contact the Department of Developmental Education offices at 907-474-1112 or visit online at