Natural Science and Mathematics

The College of Natural Science and Mathematics offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the physical and life sciences, computer science, statistics, mathematics and provides most UAF undergraduate courses in science and mathematics. The UAF baccalaureate core science curriculum and a variety of outreach programs are delivered through CNSM. The college is known for use of modern teaching technologies, access to professors and quality undergraduate student advising. CNSM also offers minors in each of its major disciplines.

Academic programs are designed to provide a foundation for professional careers or advanced study. CNSM majors enjoy close working relationships with faculty and other students. The college provides opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to work with faculty on research projects. Unique opportunities are available through UAF research centers and institutes, including the Engineering, Science and Technology Experiment Station, the Geophysical Institute, the Institute of Arctic Biology, the UA Museum of the North and the International Arctic Research Center.

CNSM also hosts the Alaska Summer Research Academy, the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program and Girls on Ice. In these and other programs, high school and university students work with CNSM faculty on original research projects aimed at improving the qualify of life in Alaska. The fundamental knowledge gained through courses and working on practical, discipline-related projects provides CNSM graduates with the skills and experience they need to enter the job market or continue their education.

At the graduate level, CNSM offers master of science and master of arts in teaching degrees in the natural sciences and mathematics. These advanced programs provide students with research opportunities in laboratory and field settings throughout Alaska. Doctoral programs offered by CNSM departments provide opportunities for advanced study leading to academic and professional positions. For more information, visit online at or call 907-474-7608.