The Office of Electronic Miniaturization discontinued operations July 1, 2010.

Office of Electronic Miniaturization

The Office of Electronic Miniaturization is a microelectronic research, development and prototyping organization involved in design, engineering, fabrication, testing and failure analyses of advanced electronic components and systems. OEM facilitates, supports, conducts and integrates research in the area of electronic miniaturization. The office focuses on application specific advanced packaging techniques for chip scale packaging. The fabrication and testing facility is housed in a 1530-square-foot certified clean room located in the Natural Sciences Facility.

A large number of universities in the world have programs in microelectronics, advanced electronics, electronic packaging and nano technology. However, OEM's fully equipped clean room with the micro-BGATM, related capabilities and our preparedness to do pilot production for government, industry, research and development partners and customers is unique. OEM has successfully produced and qualified several types of chip scale packages. For more information, visit or call 907-455-2000.