Honors Program

The Honors Program at UAF provides academic and social enrichment opportunities for exceptionally talented, creative and academically motivated students; promotes the highest standards of academic, professional and personal achievement; and encourages students to think critically and to act in ways that benefit society. Students in the Honors Program experience small classes, direct contact with top faculty members and a flexible curriculum. They participate in an intellectual and social community of student scholars, and are encouraged to pursue their own intellectual interests. The Honors Program is based on the conviction that genuine achievement in college means broad competence in areas outside a student's major field of specialization as well as excellence within it.


Undergraduate students from all disciplines are eligible for admission to the Honors Program. New freshmen should have attained a high school GPA of no less than 3.6 and a composite SAT score of no less than 1875 or an ACT composite score of no less than 29. Sophomores must have a cumulative college GPA of 3.5 and clear admission to UAF. Upper-division applicants with a similar record are admitted as honors thesis scholars.

Students generally enter the Honors program in the fall semester. Applications must be on file by May 1 for entrance the following fall; late applications are considered on a space-available basis, and a limited number of students may be accepted at mid-year. The application for admission to the Honors Program is separate and distinct from the application for admission to the university, and must be submitted separately to the Honors Program office. Promising students already admitted to UAF may be offered enrollment in the program.

Program Features

The designation of "Graduation with University Honors" is awarded to graduates who complete 27 credits of honors work and a senior honors thesis. Honors Thesis Scholars complete 12 hours of honors credits and a senior honors thesis.

Honors courses are offered in all disciplines, including courses specifically designed for the Honors Program as well as special enrichment sections of standard university courses. Students in the Honors Program may also do individualized study in their majors. Students in the program must be regularly enrolled full-time undergraduate students.

In a typical semester, the Honors Program offers three sciences, a mathematics course, English composition, one or more courses from the core Perspectives on the Human Condition, and four or more courses from communication, business, humanities and the social sciences. For more information and application forms, contact the Honors Program, Box 756282, UAF, Fairbanks, Alaska 99775. The Honors House is located at 520 Copper Lane. Phone 907-474-6612 or visit online at www.uaf.edu/honors/.