Women's Studies

College of Liberal Arts

Minor only

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Women's studies offers an interdisciplinary minor focusing on women, girls, and historical and contemporary experiences related to femaleness. In addition, the minor focuses on multiple issues related to gender, such as masculinities, femininities and sexualities. Besides featuring an introductory course focusing on women's studies, the minor draws from a variety of other disciplines, including: Alaska Native studies, anthropology, communication, education, English, foreign languages, history, journalism, justice, linguistics, literature, music, philosophy, political science, psychology, social work, sociology and other disciplines. The particular strength of the program lies in its interdisciplinarity, its wide diversity of course offerings and its inquiry into gender issues. The multiple voices and perspectives provide broad understanding of diverse issues related to both women and gender. The minor helps students prepare for a wide variety of personal and career pursuits as gender issues and women are involved in every aspect of human experience.


  1. Complete the following:
    WMS F201--Introduction to Women's Studies--3 credits
  2. Complete at least 12 additional credits from courses cross-listed with WMS [and that are from two or more disciplines,] subject to the approval of a Women's Studies advisor.--12 credits
  3. Minimum credits required--15 credits