The master's in Natural Resources Management and Geography is an addendum to the 2008-2009 UAF General Catalog.
A new M.N.R.M.G. in Natural Resources Management and Geography was approved by the UA Board of Regents in June 2008. This page includes the specifics of this new program.

Natural Resources Management and Geography

School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences

M.N.R.M.G. Degree

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 35 credits

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The master's degree in natural resources management and geography is designed to prepare students for a management career in natural resources planning and administration, communication and public information, and operational innovation, improvement and impact assessment. This professional degree can be selected by students interested in the Peace Corps Master's International program.

Because of the diversity and broad scope of the field, the objectives of this degree will be tailored to each individual student. The graduate committee will assess the student's background, individual deficiencies and specific coursework needs. All students will complete a set of courses and an individual academic project. While not requiring scientific experimentation, sampling or the gathering of primary data, the work is expected to involve critical reflection, empirical inquiry and intellectual honesty. A written product (opus) and an oral presentation demonstrating sound scholarship will be required. Final acceptance of the opus will be by the student's committee and the associate dean of SNRAS.

Graduate Program -- M.N.R.M.G. Degree

  1. Complete the general university requirements.
  2. Complete the master's degree requirements.
  3. Complete courses or have prior general familiarity with the major resource fields through prior coursework or experience. Deficiencies will be identified by the student's committee. Course requirements in any one field will depend on the needs of the candidate and the capabilities of the university.
  4. Complete courses or have prior course work within the program in computer science, statistical methods and basic economics. The student's committee will decide how any identified deficiencies in these areas will be remedied.
  5. Complete the following:
    NRM F601--Research Methods in Natural Resources (2)
    or an approved research methods course* (2)--2 credits
    NRM F692--Graduate Seminar--3 credits
    NRM F698--Non-thesis research/project--6 credits
    Statistics course at the F400-level or above**--3 credits
  6. Additional approved courses as needed to total 35 credits (these courses will be approved by the student's committee and SNRAS dean). Up to 9 of these credits may be F400 level courses.
  7. Students who have deficiencies in natural resources, geography, natural sciences, economics or related fields, as determined by the student's committee, may be required to take courses to remedy these deficiencies. These credits will not count toward the 35 credits required for the degree.
  8. Complete and successfully defend the opus.
  9. Minimum credits required--35 credits

* Requirements may be met with a research methods course in a discipline related to natural resources management or geography.
** Requirements may be met with a statistics course in mathematical sciences or in a discipline related to natural resources management or geography.