Mining Applications and Technologies

College of Rural and Community Development
Tanana Valley Campus


Minimum Requirements for Certificate: 31 or 37 credits

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This program prepares students for employment in the mining technology industry and provides career development and personal enrichment for experienced miners and workers within the mineral industry. Possible career paths for certificate graduates include entry-level positions with exploration, mining, environmental and consulting companies.

Holders of this certificate will be trained to meet the anticipated demand for workers in open pit mining, surface coal mining, underground metal mining, sand and gravel, and placer mining. Two options are available: surface and underground mining techniques is intended for the miner, and mineral processing operations is intended for mineral process operators. After completing AMIT F109 and/or AMIT F129, students will receive the Mine Safety Health Association certificate. Contact the process technology department at 907-455-2868 for information on the MSHA certificate.

Certificate Program

Options: Surface and Underground Mining Techniques or Mineral Processing Operations

  1. Complete the general university requirements .
  2. Complete the certificate requirements .
  3. Complete the following program requirements for either option A or option B:
    Option A: Surface and Underground Mining Techniques
    AMIT F101--Introduction to Mining--3 credits
    AMIT F109--Underground Mine Safety--1 credit
    AMIT F110--Underground Mining I--3 credits
    AMIT F120--Explosives I--3 credits
    AMIT F129--Surface Mining Safety--1 credit
    AMIT F130--Surface Mining Operations--3 credits
    AMIT F155--Drilling Technology--3 credits
    AMIT F210--Underground Mining II--3 credits
    AMIT F220--Explosives II--3 credits
    AMIT F230--Field Methods--2 credits

    Option B: Mineral Processing Operations
    AMIT F101--Introduction to Mining--3 credits
    AMIT F129--Surface Mining Safety--1 credit
    AMIT F130--Surface Mining Operations--3 credits
    AMIT F135--Introduction to Mining Systems and Equipment--4 credits
    AMIT F140--Environmental Permitting--1 credit
    AMIT F145--Introduction to Mineral Beneficiation--3 credits
    AMIT F154--Water Quality and Flocculants--3 credits
    AMIT F162--Geochemical Sampling--1 credit
    AMIT F230--Field Methods--2 credits
    AMIT F231--Heap Leaching--1 credit
    PRT F101--Introduction to Process Technology--3 credits
    PRT F110--Introduction to Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness--3 credits
    PRT F140--Industrial Process Instrumentation I--3 credits
  4. Minimum credits required 31 or 37