Leadership and Civic Engagement

College of Liberal Arts
Northern Studies Program

Minor only

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The minor in leadership and civic engagement is administered by the northern studies program. Its purpose is to strengthen the abilities of UAF graduates to lead and contribute effectively in both the public and private spheres, especially in the Alaska public policy context.


  1. Complete the following:
    NORS F205--Leadership, Citizenship and Choice--3 credits
    NORS F486--Senior Seminar in Leadership and Civic Engagement--3 credits
  2. Complete three courses from the following. At least one course must be a PS elective and one course must be a HIST elective.
    PS F202--Democracy and Global Society--3 credits
    PS F263--Alaska Native Politics--3 credits
    PS F301--American Presidency--3 credits
    PS F315--American Political Thought--3 credits
    PS F462--Alaska Government and Politics--3 credits
    HIST F131--History of the United States--3 credits
    HIST F361--Early American History--3 credits
    HIST F364--History of the U.S. 1945 - Present--3 credits
    RD F300W--Rural Development in a Global Perspective--3 credits
    RD F325--Community Development Strategies--3 credits
  3. Minimum credits required--15 credits