Law and Society

College of Liberal Arts
Department of Political Science

Minor only

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This program helps students understand law in relationship to the larger society. It is based firmly on the view that the law is a rich humanistic tradition and study of legal ideas and institutions will promote sustained reflection on such fundamental concepts and values as equality, freedom, privacy, justice and human rights.

While the program is of special interest to students who plan graduate studies in law or careers in government service, it is recommended for any student who desires to understand the role of law in society. The program provides students with tools for reasoned appraisal of how the law works, ideas and policies that underlie it, and the ability to think clearly and analyze arguments critically.


  1. Complete the following 9 credits:
    PS F303--Politics and the Judicial Process--3 credits
    PS F435W--Constitutional Law I: Federalism--3 credits
    PS F436W--Constitutional Law II: Civil Rights and Liberties--3 credits
  2. Complete 6 credits from the following:
    ANS F425--Federal Indian Law and Alaska Natives--3 credits
    BA F317W--Employment Law--3 credits
    BA F330--The Legal Environment of Business--4 credits
    JRN F413--Mass Media Law and Regulation--3 credits
    JUST F352--Criminal Law--3 credits
    JUST F354--Procedural Law--3 credits
    PS F322O--International Law and Organization--3 credits
    PS F450--Comparative Aboriginal Rights and Policies--3 credits
    SOC F435--Sociology of Law--3 credits
  3. Minimum credits required--15 credits