High Latitude Range Management

College of Rural and Community Development
Northwest Campus


Minimum Requirements for Certificate: 31 credits

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A HLRM program certificate represents the completion of at least 31 credits in the conventional field-based techniques to inventory and monitor northern animal and plant populations combining traditional knowledge with contemporary studies necessary for entry-level natural resource jobs statewide. The certificate also emphasizes place-based domesticated ungulate husbandry and health, applicable regionally and statewide. This certificate may also serve as a bridge to a variety of natural science associate and baccalaureate programs

Admission is open to all individuals, especially those employed by or interested in employment with state, federal or tribal agencies or other local entities in rural Alaska which provide natural resources management services.

Students should have a high school diploma or GED and an interest in science-related fields. It is strongly recommended that students seeking admission to this program have completed two high school, lab-based science courses preferably in biology, chemistry or physics.

Students whose ACT/SAT scores are not high enough to place them into regular college level classes will be required to take the ASSET or COMPASS test and will be placed into the appropriate developmental level course.

Certificate Program

  1. Complete the general university requirements.
  2. Complete the certificate requirements*.
  3. Complete the following requirements:
    1. Complete the following communication course:
      ENGL F111X--Introduction to Academic Writing--3 credits
    2. Complete one of the following computation courses:
      MATH F103X--Concepts & Contemporary Applications of Mathematics (3)
           or ABUS F155--Business Math (3)--3 credits
    3. Complete one of the following human relations courses:
      ANTH/SOC F100X--Individual, Society, and Culture (3)
           or ABUS F154--Human Relations (3)--3 credits
  4. Complete the following program (major) requirements:*
    NRM F101--Natural Resources Conservation and Policy--3 credits
    BIOL F104X--Natural History of Alaska (4)
         or BIOL F104--Natural History of Alaska (3)
         and BIOL F104L--Natural History of Alaska Laboratory (1)--4 credits
    HLRM F120--History of Domesticated Alaskan Ungulates--1 credit
    HLRM F130--Research Field Logistics--2 credits
    HLRM F140--High Latitude Range Management--2 credits
    HLRM F150--Alaskan Ungulate Husbandry--2 credits
    HLRM F160--Meat Production--2 credits
    HLRM F170--Health Issues in Domestic Herds--2 credits
    HLRM F201--Field Techniques for Range Management--2 credits
    HLRM F205--Research Methods in Range Management--2 credits
  5. Minimum credits required--31 credits

* Student must earn a C grade or better in each course.