Global Studies

College of Liberal Arts

Minor Only

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The minor in global studies is an interdisciplinary program whose purpose is to enhance students' understanding of issues resulting from an increasingly interdependent world. The global studies program provides students pursuing a bachelor's degree an opportunity to broaden their intellectual horizon beyond their chosen major and achieve a more integrated vision of contemporary global problems, alternative conceptions of global society and relevant strategies for moving toward a more just and humane world order.


  1. Complete one entry level course from among the following:
    ANTH F245--Culture and Global Studies--3 credits
    GEOG F203--World Economic Geography--3 credits
    ENGL F280--Colonial and Post-Colonial Literature--3 credits
    PS F202--Democracy and Global Society--3 credits
  2. Complete four different courses (12 credits) from one of the following concentrations:
    Global Economic and Political Dynamics
    ANTH F446--Economic Anthropology--3 credits
    PS F201--Comparative Politics--3 credits
    PS F323--International Political Economy--3 credits
    RD F300W--Rural Development in a Global Perspective--3 credits
    SOC F460--Global Issues in Sociological Perspective--3 credits

    Culture and Global Society
    ANTH/RD F315--Tribal People and Development--3 credits
    ANTH/WMS F445--Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective--3 credits
    COMM F330--Intercultural Communication--3 credits
    ENGL F218--Themes in Literature: Colonial and Post-Colonial Literature--3 credits
    ENGL F360--Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the United States--3 credits
    LING F216--Languages of the World--3 credits
    PHIL F482--Comparative Philosophy and Religions--3 credits

    Science Policy and the Environment
    ANTH F428--Ecological Anthropology and Regional Sustainability--3 credits
    BIOL F476--Ecosystem Ecology--3 credits
    GEOG/NRM F338--Introduction to Geographic Information Systems--3 credits
    HIST F411--Environmental History--3 credits
    NRM/NORS F432--Literature and the Environment--3 credits
    PS F454--International Law and the Environment--3 credits
    PS F455O--Political Economy of the Global Environment--3 credits
    PS F456O--Science, Technology and Politics--3 credits

    Peace, Human Rights and Global Society
    ENGL F280--Introduction to Colonial and Post-Colonial Literature--3 credits
    ENGL F380--Topics in Colonial and Post-Colonial Literature--3 credits
    HIST F316--Europe since 1945--3 credits
    PHIL/PS F472--Ethics and International Affairs--3 credits
    PS F203--Peace, War and Security--3 credits
    PS F322O--International Law and Organization--3 credits
    SOC F405O--Social Movements and Social Change--3 credits
  3. Complete a civic engagement/internship project--1 - 3 credits
  4. Minimum credits required--16 - 18 credits