Biological Sciences

College of Natural Science and Mathematics
Department of Biology and Wildlife

B.A., B.S., Ph.D. Degree

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 18 thesis credits

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The biological sciences program provides a broad education as well as a sound foundation in the basic principles of biology. Candidates who expect to teach in public secondary schools must be sure that education requirements are met.

Graduate Program -- Ph.D. Degree

Concentrations: Biology, Botany, Wildlife Biology, Zoology

  1. Complete the admission process including the following:
    1. Submit scores from both the GRE General Test (required) and the GRE Subject Test in Biology (required for applicants holding only a bachelor's degree; highly recommended for applicants who have already earned a master's degree).
    2. If English is not your native language, submit scores from both the Test of Spoken English (TSE) and the Test of Written English (TWE), as well as TOEFL scores. Requests, including justification, for exceptions to this requirement should be made to the chair of the department.
  2. Complete the general university requirements.
  3. Complete the Ph.D. degree requirements.
  4. As part of the Ph.D. degree requirement, complete the following:
    1. If entering with only a bachelor's degree, complete and pass the departmental written and oral Ph.D. qualifying examination.
    2. Complete and pass a written and oral comprehensive examination by the graduate advisory committee.
    3. In this program or in previous post-baccalaureate programs, complete course work at least equivalent to that required for the M.S. degree.
  5. Minimum credits required--18 credits

See Biology.

See Wildlife Biology.