Arctic Skills

College of Rural and Community Development
Industrial and Service Technology Division

Minor only

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The minor in arctic skills is designed for anyone who lives and works in a northern climate and wishes to learn to cope with the outdoor arctic environment.

Students who complete this minor also earn a state of Alaska EMTI certificate and may prepare to take the FAA written exam for partial fulfillment of the private pilot certificate requirements.


  1. Complete the following:
    AVTY F100--Private Pilot Ground School (4)
         or AVTY F111--Fundamentals of Aviation (3)--3 - 4 credits
    AVTY F231--Arctic Survival (3)
         or EMS F257--Arctic Survival (3)--3 credits
    EMS F170--EMT: Emergency Medical Technician I--6 credits
    Approved electives*--3 - 4 credits
  2. Minimum credits required--15 credits

* Approved by program manager.