Administrative Assistant

College of Rural and Community Development
Business Technologies Division
Tanana Valley Campus

Occupational Endorsement

Minimum Requirements for Occupational Endorsement: 18 credits

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The administrative assistant occupational endorsement may be earned in one semester and represents a large portion of the course work required for the applied business management certificate. Students must complete all courses with a grade of ‘C' or better and satisfactorily complete a two-week practicum at the culmination of training in order to earn the endorsement. This program is open to those who have completed the university application process and are at an appropriate English level for ABUS F170 Business English (as shown by COMPASS scores).

Occupational Endorsement Program

  1. Complete the general university requirements .
  2. Complete the occupational endorsement requirements.
  3. Complete the following courses:*
    ABUS F102A--Keyboarding: Touch Typing (1)
         or ABUS F102C--Keyboarding: Document Formatting--1 credit
    ABUS F154--Human Relations--3 credits
    ABUS F170--Business English--3 credits
    ABUS F182--Office Procedures--3 credits
    ABUS F183--Advanced Job Readiness Skills--2 credits
    ABUS F199--Practicum in Applied Business--1 credit
    CIOS F133--Microcomputer Presentation Software--1 credit
    CIOS F150--Computer Business Applications--3 credits
    CIOS F231--Intro to Desktop Publishing--1 credit
  4. Minimum credits required--18 credits

* Student must earn a C grade or better in each course.