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Process Technology

PRT F101 Introduction to Process Technology

3 Credits

Introduction to process operations in industry. Non-mathematical overview of general information, processes, procedures and equipment a process operator would be expected to know and use. Special fees apply. (3+0)

PRT F110 Introduction to Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Awareness

3 Credits

Overview of the field of safety, health and environment within the process industry. Covers plant hazards, safety, and environmental systems and equipment, and applicable government regulations and industry standards. Special fees apply. (3+0)

PRT F117 Drafting for Technicians

3 Credits     Offered As Demand Warrants

Skills and techniques needed to produce process piping and instrumentation drawings. Special fees apply. (2+2)

PRT F120 Water Quality Management for Process Industries

4 Credits     Offered As Demand Warrants

Overview of the chemistry, biology, hydraulics and hydrology related to water management in industries. Water distribution systems, water processing, operation of water works, wastewater processing, advanced wastewater treatment and water reuse. Special fees apply. (3+3)

PRT F130 Process Technology I: Equipment

4 Credits

Selected process equipment including rotating machinery and process units. Emphasis on equipment components, construction, preventative maintenance and safety. Includes hands-on experience. Special fees apply. Prerequisites: PRT F101. (3+2)

PRT F135 Stationary Equipment

4 Credits     Offered Fall

A detailed hands-on lecture/lab course covering stationary equipment used in a variety of process industries. Piping, valves, vessels, tanks, exchangers, heaters, boilers, mineral processing, mill equipment and distillation equipment are covered. Special fees apply. (3+2)

PRT F140 Industrial Process Instrumentation I

3 Credits

Physics of pressure, temperature, level and flow measurement; mechanical and electrical aspects of instruments used to control dynamics of processes. Dynamics of automatic control including proportional control, automatic reset, derivative action and integral timing. Special fees apply. Prerequisites: DEVM F105 or permission of instructor. (2+2)

PRT F144 Industrial Process Instrumentation II

3 Credits

Continuation of PRT F140. Emphasis on repair, maintenance and calibration, including hands-on physical training on a wide variety of process instruments. Special fees apply. Prerequisites: PRT F140. (2+2)

PRT F155 Mathematics for Technicians

3 Credits

Math skills for process and industrial work. Real-life work problems are addressed. Students are challenged to embrace the "new" technologies of mathematics in the industries and to think in a logical and organized way. Special fees apply. (3+0)

PRT F160 Oil and Gas Exploration and Production I

3 Credits

Surveys oil and gas exploration and production issues including marketing, geology, reservoir economics, legal aspects of resource ownership, drilling and production technologies, product separation, safety and environmental issues. Course may not be audited. Special fees apply. Prerequisites: Must be enrolled in the PRT program or permission of Program Chair. (0+0)

PRT F230 Process Technology II: Systems

4 Credits

Integration of equipment concepts to show how the individual components interact as part of a system and how each system works within an entire processing facility. Emphasis on the common systems found in each Alaska process industry. Systems topics include upstream oil and gas productions, petrochemicals and refinery processes, refrigeration, power generation, milling, boilers and heaters, coolers and heat exchangers. Special fees apply. Prerequisites: PRT F130. (3+2)

PRT F231 Process Technology III: Operations

4 Credits

Duties and responsibilities of the process operator on the job. Includes the details of normal operation, upset conditions, emergency action plans, startups, shutdowns, operating modes, turnarounds and routing maintenance activity. Special fees apply. Prerequisites: PRT F230. (3+2)

PRT F240 Industrial Process Instrumentation III

3 Credits     Offered As Demand Warrants

A study of digital and analog industrial measurement and control instrumentation, including continuous analog control loops, relay logic and programmable logic controllers. Emphasis is on commonly used process measurement devices, control methods and strategies, and the proper selection, identification, design, installation and operation of instrumentation. Special fees apply. Prerequisites: PRT F140; PRT F144; or permission of instructor. Recommended: PRT F155 or MATH F103X or higher. (2+2)

PRT F244 Industrial Process Instrumentation IV

4 Credits     Offered As Demand Warrants

Specific advanced subjects of industrial process instrumentation. Includes calibration, configuration, troubleshooting, use of microprocessor-based instrumentation, concepts of contemporary plant control systems, commonly used industrial process measurement and control communication protocols and topologies. Special fees apply. Recommended: PRT F140; PRT F144. (3+2)

PRT F248 Valve Maintenance and Instrumentation

3 Credits     Offered As Demand Warrants

Specific advanced subjects of industrial process valve maintenance and instrumentation. Includes calibration, configuration, troubleshooting, and use of valves with instrumentation. Concepts of contemporary plant control systems, commonly used industrial process measurement, control communication protocols and topologies related to valve control will be discussed. Covers maintenance and operation of gate, globe, ball, plug, check and special-purpose valves. Details of actuators and various accessories related to valve maintenance and control will be explained and related to valve selection based on application. Special fees apply. Recommended: PRT F130. (3+1)

PRT F250 Process Troubleshooting

3 Credits

Troubleshooting process operations and problems. Using indicators, variables and controllers along with a formalized process of troubleshooting. Troubleshooting examples will reflect current needs of industry. Special fees apply. Prerequisites: PRT F231. (3+0)

PRT F255 Quality Concepts for the Process Industry

1 Credit

Introduction to current quality concepts applied to role of process technician. Includes quality concepts with respect to the client and the role of statistical processes used by the operator in achieving quality. Special fees apply. (1+0)

PRT F275 Process Technology Internship

1 - 9 Credits     Offered As Demand Warrants

Working experience in and exposure to various stages and settings within the process industry. Endorsed and promoted by Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium, the internship is an intensive exposure to the various duties and responsibilities of the process operator in Alaska. A maximum of 9 credits may be earned. Special fees apply. Prerequisites: Permission of instructor. Recommended: PRT F101, PRT F110, PRT F140. (0+5 - 45)