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Library Science

LS F100X Library and Information Strategies

1 Credit     Offered Fall

Principles of information organization and how libraries can provide access to information and scholarly resources. Emphasis on use of a library via distance delivery methods. For students who do not have direct physical access to the Rasmuson Library. Also available via Independent Learning. (1+0)

LS F101X Library Information and Research

1 Credit

Introduction to effective library research methods and principles of information organization and retrieval. Emphasis on applied experience with finding and evaluating information, especially through use of library catalogs, journal indexes and Internet resources. Also available via Independent Learning. (1+0)

LS F487 Alaska Research Resources

2 Credits     Offered Spring

Find, use and evaluate primary sources in the Alaska and Polar Regions Department of the Rasmuson library and over the Internet. Student pursues own topics and findings may be used to support research in other courses. (Stacked with NORS F687.) (2+0)