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Diesel Technology

DSLT F101 Safety Including Rigging & Lifting

1 Credit     Offered Fall

Materials covered will be the importance of and proper use ot personal protective gear and air ventilation systems; how to identify harmful chemicals in a shop atmosphere and how to use them in a safe manner; the importance of identifying the weight of an item before lifting with lifting equipment or by hand, and proper lifting procedures of heavy items when using a lifting device. (1+0)

DSLT F103 Basic Equipment and Truck Operation

1 Credit     Offered Fall

Basic operation of heavy equipment and diesel trucks to include: stating, clutching, braking, and steering procedures. Basic forklift operation to include: lifting weight, calculation and point of balance of machine versus lifting load. (0.5+1.5)

DSLT F105 Preventive Maintenance

3 Credits     Offered Fall

Perform scheduled preventive maintenance on vehicles and heavy equipment. Gain knowledge of lubricants, filters, lubrication points and proper fluid levels and will understand what to look for when performing a visual inspection. Prerequisites: DSLT F101; DSLT F103. (1.5+3)

DSLT F107 Basic Electrical Systems and Electronic Fuel Injection

3 Credits     Offered Fall

DC voltage and amperage, fuses, circuit breakers, relays and junction boxes will be covered along with an understanding of wiring schematics and identification of and repair of lighting. (1.5+3)

DSLT F123 Heavy Duty Braking Systems

3 Credits     Offered As Demand Warrants

Braking systems for commercial trucks and heavy equipment applications; compressor testing and overhaul, relay valves, actuators, wear limits, acceptable tolerances, brake lining replacement, government regulations and pneumatic controls; evolving technologies such as anti-lock brakes. Remove and replace brake shoes, drums, hardware, Scams and air chambers. Includes the inspection, preventive maintenance and overhaul of a commercial truck or heavy equipment braking system. Special fees apply. Prerequisites: DSLT F101; DSLT F103. (1.5+3)

DSLT F154 Diesel Fuel Injection

3 Credits     Offered Fall

Theory and functional operation of all common diesel fuel injection systems including those produced by modern Bosch, Mack, Cummins, Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel. Direct injection and pre-combustion fuel injection systems. Testing procedures, when testing high pressure diesel injection pumps and injectors as well as removing, installing and adjusting the most common systems used in the heavy truck and heavy equipment industry. Special fees apply. (2+2)

DSLT F201 Manual Transmissions and Differentials

3 Credits     Offered As Demand Warrants

Theory, diagnosis and repair of manual transaxles and transmissions, transfer cases, differentials, clutch assemblies, power take off units, driveshafts and axles as well as removing and installing clutches, transmissions and differentials in a truck or piece of heavy equipment. Preventive maintenance and cold weather component problems will also be covered. Special fees apply. Prerequisites: DSLT F101; DSLT F103. (1+4)

DSLT F202 Heavy Duty Automatic Transmissions

2 Credits     Offered Spring

Theory, operation and troubleshooting of heavy duty automatic transmissions; hydraulic, electrohydraulic, pneumatic and electronic controls. Prepares the student to overhaul Allison, ZF and similar automatic transmissions. Special fees apply. (1+3)

DSLT F254 Engine

5 Credits     Offered Fall

Understanding the two cycle and four cycle diesel engine. Performing tune-ups, as well as disassembling and reassembling a modern diesel engine commonly found in the heavy truck or heavy equipment industry. Special fees apply. Prerequisites: DSLT F101; DSLT F103; DSLT F105; or Permission of Instructor. (2.5+5)