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Alaska Native Politics

AKNP F151 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act

3 Credits     Offered As Demand Warrants

A general survey of the Alaska Claims Settlement Act of 1971. Historical overview of land claims of various tribes in the Lower 48 and in Alaska. Current status of regional, village and nonprofit Native corporations. Future issues related to implementation of ANCSA. Also available via Independent Learning. (3+0)

AKNP F212 Duties and Powers of Local Government

1 Credit     Offered As Demand Warrants

Development, operation and improvement of local government in Alaska. Future of local government in bush Alaska. For citizen, practitioner and advocate. (1+0)

AKNP F230 Federal Indian Law

3 Credits     Offered As Demand Warrants

Principles of federal Indian law and the extent to which these principles apply to Alaska Natives. Foundation of principles that formed the basis of the relationship of the United States to the tribes, and development of this relationship. Legal perspective and land issues. Prerequisites: English placement test. (3+0)

AKNP F233 Tribal Government Issues

1 Credit     Offered As Demand Warrants

Tribal governments and related issues. Political status and lawmaking, judicial and regulatory powers. Sovereignty, tribal enrollment and membership. Selected federal statutes and Indian Law affecting Alaska Native tribes. Potential role of tribal governments in planning for Alaska Natives' future defined and discussed. (1+0)