2007-2008 Academic Catalog

Research Institutes and Centers

Arctic Region Supercomputing Center • (907) 474-6935

The Arctic Region Supercomputing Center provides an ensemble of outstanding expertise, state-of-the-art technology and innovative research projects. ARSC’s goals are to enable the creation and discovery of knowledge in science, engineering and art; enhance educational and research capabilities of UAF, Alaska and the United States; advance knowledge of the polar regions; and contribute to a richer understanding of the world around us.

The center offers services to faculty, researchers and students in many UAF departments and research institutes. ARSC also provides computational resources for researchers within state and federal agencies, academic institutions and the Department of Defense.

ARSC operates several high performance computing systems, including a Sun High Performance Opteron Cluster, an IBM Regatta, an IBM p690+/p655+ system and a Cray XD1. Each system has access to the center’s mass storage resources; data storage capabilities can accommodate up to thirty petabytes of data.

The center operates a Fakespace Flying Flex™ three-dimensional virtual reality immersive device, which is available to students and researchers in the center’s Discovery Lab, located in the Rasmuson Library. ARSC maintains 11 Macintosh dual-processor G5 computers in the Gruening Building’s UAF Mac Lab. These computers run a variety of high-end visualization software for training and education purposes. ARSC also maintains a classroom in the West Ridge Research Building is equipped with high performance Linux workstations.

University classes offered by ARSC-affiliated faculty in art, computational science and other disciplines as well as ARSC-sponsored classes in high-performance computing techniques provide opportunities for students to learn how to use ARSC resources. ARSC also offers a continuing program of training sessions on available resources.

For information about obtaining an account at ARSC, the schedule of classes or public tours in the summer, telephone (907) 450-8600 or visit online at www.arsc.edu.